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Just Cause 2 slips to 2009

You know, 'cause.

Eidos has told Eurogamer that tropical action game Just Cause 2 has slipped to 2009.

When next year, however, is unclear, and we don't know why it slipped out of its 2008 release window either.

Developer Avalanche Studios has lofty goals for Just Cause 2, which is in development for PC, PS3 and 360. Many of these are abandoned features from the first game, or improvements asked for by the community.

Side-missions are gone, for example, replaced by chaos activities that reward destructive rampages by increasing influence with associated factions.

Gain enough and fresh opportunities will arise, unlocking new information and employees. Eventually influence can be so great that you wield power enough to oppose governments.

On top of all this is reworked enemy AI, new lock-on targeting that allows individual limbs to be picked out, bigger guns and better vehicle controls.

In summary: the openworld action shooter that Just Cause 1 should have been, rather than the 6/10 slog that materialised.

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