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It's a Gladiator-inspired God of War: Ascension live action video

And a separate 30 minutes of gameplay video.

Another blockbuster game, another flashy and fleshy live action - real actors bringing a video game scene to life - video.

This time it's God of War: Ascension, due March, and a Gladiator-inspired sequence of loss and anger.

Remember Maximus running his hands through what looked like corn crops as he remembered his wife and child? Remember his wife and child being taken away from him? Remember the soldiers thundering on horseback down that rural path? Oh you haven't seen the film? Sorry.

It's not quite the same, but there's a marching army, a woman and daughter. And there's Kratos. He stands, pecs heaving, atop a hill. The girl runs into his embrace. He's happy, but the golden-tinted dream doesn't last, and the vision fades. All that's left is anger.

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The live action video arrives just after a whopping 30-minute slice of single-player God of War: Ascension gameplay was published by Polygon. There are a lot of spoilers. In short: bigger, better looking and brutal. Better? We'll see.

Watch on YouTube

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