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Italian senate meeting interrupted by Final Fantasy pornography

When in Rome.

A Zoom meeting with the Italian senate was hacked with Final Fantasy pornography.

"Zoombombing" has become a thing as important meetings are conducted online during the pandemic, including those by the Italian senate.

This particular meeting included Nobel Prize for physics winner Giorgio Parisi among its participants, and was a seminar entitled "Towards A Transparent Civil Service".

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All went well until a user by the name Alex Spence entered the chat and, on a screen share, displayed CGI pornography of Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy 7.

Eventually, after cries of "sex offender" and "oh Christo", the user was removed.

According to ANSA Politics, Senator Maria Laura Mantovani - who organised the event - reported the incident to police and voiced hope the culprit would be reprimanded.

Mantovani is a member of the M5S (Five Star Movement) populist party, a party that - ironically - has the positive impact of the internet as a key ideology. It's currently unclear who was behind the cyber attack and what the purpose was.

The incident was, of course, removed from the official VOD of the event, but quickly went viral on social media. You can scroll through the below thread to view the incident, but beware it is NSFW content - obviously.

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