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PSA: Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is £70 full price on Steam but currently on offer

Promotion lasts until 7th July.

Cloud stares at camera in Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Image credit: Square Enix

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is currently on offer as it launches on Steam.

Announced at the Final Fantasy 7 25th anniversary celebration, the game is no longer exclusive to Epic on PC and even runs on the Steam Deck.

At full price it's £70 - the same as on Epic (quietly increased since launch) and in line with other Square Enix new releases - however you can save 29 percent as a special launch promotion.

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The launch promotion lasts until 7th July.

The Intergrade version of the game includes the Yuffie-starring INTERmission quest and is otherwise available on PS5.

The anniversary celebration also announced the second part of the remake project, named Rebirth, and that the whole thing will be a trilogy.

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