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Interplay releases Fallout MMO art

They are making one. Honest.

Interplay has released some concept art images for its Fallout MMO in an effort to prove that the game is actually being made.

The art can be viewed at the forums for the game, codenamed Project V13. You need to be a registered member to view it - otherwise, GameSpot has it.

The art has been released "due to the lawsuit", according to developer Chris Taylor, who worked on the original Fallout games at Interplay. He's referring to the legal spat between Interplay and Bethesda, to whom Interplay sold the rights to Fallout in 2004.

Bethesda went on to release the phenomenally successful Fallout 3, but Interplay retained the rights to make an online game - provided it actually entered "full-scale development". Bethesda contends this didn't happen.

Interplay is countersuing Bethesda over various merchandising rights issues, claiming that it has lost money in the deal. The struggling publisher recently contracted Bulgarian studio Masthead, currently making its own post-apocalyptic MMO Eathrise, to work on the Fallout MMO.

The art shows some post-apocalyptic landscapes, a guy wearing goggles and carrying guns, and plenty of brown. There are cacti, abandoned industrial complexes and a habitat made out of a piece of aeroplane fuselage.

It all looks very Fallout, but however "full-scale" the development of this game is, we doubt the lawsuits are helping it get made.