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Infamous Second Son DLC now available for free

Cole's Legacy out for all.

Sucker Punch has made the Cole's Legacy DLC for Infamous Second Son available for free on the PlayStation Store.

The DLC was originally only available as a pre-order incentive for the game or with a special edition copy.

Infamous Second Son has been added to Sony's newly launched PS Plus service, so new players are able to access the DLC as well as those who own the game.

Cover image for YouTube videoinFAMOUS Second Son -- Official Gameplay Spot
Infamous Second Son - Official Gameplay Spot

The Cole's Legacy DLC takes place between Infamous 2 and Second Son, with the latter's protagonist Delsin Rowe investigating the aftermath of Cole McGrath's actions in the city of New Marais.

The DLC is free except in some countries where a small fee is required due to local restrictions.

In addition, Sucker Punch is aiming to release Fetch's DUP outfit for spin-off Infamous First Light, plus maintenance on the Infamous 2 UGC servers has been completed.

Unfortunately, the company recently stated it had no plans to return to either its Infamous or Sly Cooper franchises.

Ghost of Tsushima, meanwhile, has now sold almost 10m copies.