inFamous: Second Son


Walking in a giant's footsteps: a father and son story

Through art and Guild Wars, a Romanian family finds the American Dream.

VideoVideo: inFamous: Second Son live stream

Two hours of superheroic streaming from 4pm GMT.

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Digital FoundrySucker Punch explains inFamous DLC frame-rate boosts

First Light runs faster than Second Son - will those enhancements roll back into the original game?

In our recent inFamous First Light performance analysis, we made an interesting discovery - the standalone DLC runs noticeably faster than Second Son, with an overall 12 per cent boost in frame-rates in the like-for-like test we've reproduced below.

inFamous: First Light review

When is DLC not DLC? When it's also a standalone game. That's the case for First Light, in which you play as Abigail "Fetch" Walker, a character you met in inFamous: Second Son - unless you didn't play it. This game doesn't really mind one way or another, and although the broader context of inFamous' world of Conduits and DUP will be hard to discern from this bite-sized spin-off, there's no reason it can't serve as your introduction to the series.

Price and availability

11.99, released today in North America, tomorrow in Europe

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Sony confirms "reduction in workforce" at inFamous dev Sucker Punch

inFamous and Sly Cooper developer Sucker Punch Productions has suffered a round of layoffs, Sony has confirmed.

It's as yet unknown how many staff are now without a job, although a Sony statement indicated that long-term team members who worked on the studio's Sly Cooper series are among those affected.

"SCEE can confirm a reduction in workforce has taken place at Sucker Punch Productions," a Sony spokesperson told Eurogamer.

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inFamous: First Light expansion will be released on disc too

inFamous: First Light expansion will be released on disc too

Physical launch due a few weeks after downloadable version.

inFamous: First Light, the upcoming standalone expansion to PlayStation 4 game inFamous: Second Son, will also be available as a disc-based release.

Boxed copies will be available in the UK from 10th September, PlayStation Europe announced via its Twitter.

That date is a couple of weeks after the expandalone's initial launch as a digital download - on 27th August 2014.

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inFamous First Light release date announced

inFamous First Light release date announced

Standalone DLC out this August.

The inFamous First Light standalone downloadable add-on launches on PlayStation 4 on 27th August 2014, developer Sucker Punch has announced.

That's 26th August in North America, the studio revealed on Twitter.

inFamous First Light stars Conduit Fetch, who cropped up in Second Son's main campaign with some nifty Neon powers.

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inFamous gets standalone DLC this August

First Light stars female Conduit Fetch.

Sucker Punch has just announced standalone DLC for InFamous: Second Son. Judging by the teaser shown during Sony's E3 press conference, InFamous: First Light stars female Conduit Fetch, who has already cropped up in Second Son's main campaign with some nifty Neon powers. A short trailer shows her brooding away in some kind of snow-bound prison and then causing all manner of trouble.

inFamous: Second Son photo contest receives some shockingly good entries

With great power comes great screenshot taking responsibility.

Sucker Punch's X-Men-inspired open-world adventure inFamous: Second Son is often touted as a stellar showcase for the PS4. To accentuate its sublime artistry, Sucker Punch recently added a Photo Mode, so players could capture images of the game without a HUD. It sounded fairly pedestrian. We've all seen in-game screenshots before. Big Whoop, I thought. Then NeoGAF hosted a screenshot contest and the results are astonishing.

inFamous: Second Son update lets you change the time of day

Sucker Punch's latest open-world superhero epic inFamous: Second Son will be receiving an update in a couple of weeks with some pretty unique options.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, the biggest of these is the ability to change the time of day. This option is only enabled once you've finished the campaign, as the climate is locked in place to convey a mood that suits the narrative - as it was in the first two inFamous games. But once you've completed that, there's no reason to restrict it for players.

There's also an option to turn off the HUD, which is mostly catered towards those who want to take pretty screenshots of its impressive replica of Seattle.

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UK chart: InFamous PS4 holds off Diablo 3 expansion

PS4-exclusive InFamous: Second Son holds the UK games-chart top spot for a second week, keeping Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes, Titanfall and new entry Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls at bay.

Chart-track's data won't include sales of Blizzard's new game, however, which presumably tell a different story. Reaper of Souls enters sixth.

It's an InFamous, MGS, Titanfall first, second, third, then, with FIFA 14 fourth and the Lego Movie video game fifth.

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Digital FoundryDigital Foundry vs. inFamous: Second Son

Next-gen looks, last-gen thinking?

Last week's release of inFamous: Second Son kicked off a fascinating debate about the nature of next-gen gaming. How can a cutting-edge piece of software that breaks so many technological barriers fail to review as well as less advanced titles in the PS4 line-up? Our take on the situation is pretty straightforward: Sucker Punch has created a breathtaking sandbox that is worlds apart from its inFamous predecessors, but the fact that the gameplay hasn't moved on by anything like the same degree has created a curious disparity in the overall experience. It's a game where the lack of balance continually satisfies the senses but always leaves you hungry for something different, something more.

VideoVideo: inFamous: Second Son live stream

Two hours of superheroic streaming from 4pm GMT.

"With great power comes great responsibility." Not my words, of course, but the unforgettable refrain of Spider-Man's dad or whoever it was. Who knows what he would have made of inFamous: Second Son, then, a game where you spray-paint stuff on walls and generally fight the power.

Performance analysis: inFamous: Second Son

Digital FoundryPerformance analysis: inFamous: Second Son

Digital Foundry gets to grips with Sucker Punch's technologically outstanding PS4 exclusive.

Following in the wake of technological showcase that is Killzone: Shadow Fall, Sony's first-party studios surprise and delight us once again with a stunning new workout for the next-gen PlayStation 4 hardware - inFamous: Second Son. Unfortunately, owing to a combination of factors (GDC, Project Morpheus, Metal Gear Solid and the late arrival of inFamous code, if you're wondering), we didn't have the time to bring you a full tech analysis at launch, but we couldn't mark the arrival of this beautiful title without a spot of Digital Foundry coverage.

We loaded up the game and played through the first hour, bringing you this initial performance analysis, covering off a range of different gameplay scenarios where we can see how Sucker Punch's brand new PlayStation 4 engine performs. The virtually uninterrupted captures include stunning vistas, detailed cut-scenes, exciting set-pieces and intense combat, spoiling nothing other than establishing the characters, seeing how Delsin gets his powers and witnessing his journey to Seattle - and his first brush with the anti "bio terrorist" forces that have occupied the city. In short, what we have here is a range of scenarios to show how the new engine performs - and the results are rather intriguing.

There's been some discussion about the performance of the game, particularly in terms of a fluctuating frame-rate, and what quickly becomes evident is that Sucker Punch has opted to continue the strategy it used on its PlayStation 3 titles: a solid v-sync working in combination with a completely unlocked frame-rate. The difference here is that while the previous titles in the series would frequently drop beneath the 30fps threshold, it takes a mass of action and GPU-intensive post-processing effects to truly impact inFamous: Second Son's performance. Bearing in mind the high levels of detail, and the overall complexity of the rendering pipeline, that's a stunning achievement.

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What's in the InFamous: Second Son patch

What's in the InFamous: Second Son patch

Five hours of story, pre-order guff and tweaks.

There's an inFamous Second Son day-one patch available that adds a considerable amount of content: five hours of gameplay across 19 side-story missions.

Those missions form a Paper Trail story arc, which sounds like it's part Alternate Reality Game (ARG). It links with the game's Enjoy Your Power website.

Apparently there will be new content every week for six weeks, and it will flesh out the backstory of the game.

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inFamous: Second Son review

inFamous: Second Son review

Generation X-Men.

Announcing the third inFamous game at the unveiling of PlayStation 4 last year, director Nate Fox got political. He mentioned that he'd been tear-gassed in 1999's anti-globalisation riot, the Battle of Seattle (an event he's been invoking in interviews for a while). He attacked the police. He touched on the troubling extent of government surveillance that was dominating headlines at the time. "Our security comes at a high price: our freedom," he declared, before linking current affairs back to inFamous lore - an unruly superhero universe where the emergence of super-powered humans in present-day USA causes chaos and unrest. "Which of us would have the courage to fight to get our freedoms back?" he asked.

So is inFamous: Second Son a rebellious, politicised action game for the Occupy generation? As you might have predicted, not really. Banksy's subversive street art is a token inspiration - our new hero is Delsin Rowe, a delinquent youth with a gift for stencil art, which you can apply with a rattle and spray from the controller - but like its predecessors, Second Son is pure comic-book at heart. Granted, the tone has shifted from the conspiracy, catastrophe and convoluted timelines of DC Vertigo to classic X-Men, where superheroes are given a derogatory classification ("mutants" then, "bio-terrorists" now) and hunted by the authorities, serving as avatars of disaffected youth and the persecuted underclass. But the stakes are strictly personal, the counter-culture clothing just borrowed threads. Nirvana's grunge classic Heart-Shaped Box plays as the credits roll, but it's a cover version.

Still, this is a more authentic and lively game than its two predecessors. The developers at Sucker Punch Productions haven't quite seemed at ease with the tonal jump from their Sly Cooper cartoon capers to the teen-rated angst of inFamous in the past; they struggled to pin down a personality for the star Cole MacGrath or an atmosphere for Empire City and New Marais, the games' impersonations of New York and New Orleans. Second Son is a fresh start on home turf - Sucker Punch's home town of Seattle, proudly going by its real name. The studio is tangibly more comfortable, the new lead is more personable, the tone isn't too heavy or forced.

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Almost inFamous: Nate Fox talks Second Son

"Have you ever been turned into a GIF? It's like a curse."

Rewind a year to the very first reveal of the PlayStation 4, and it's easy to assume that everyone within Sony was enjoying one of the best nights of their careers. For the executives, it was a chance to establish the new console as a powerhouse dedicated to gaming, and for the developers a chance to show what Sony's machine was capable of. Sucker Punch's Nate Fox was certainly grateful for the opportunity, but his turn on stage to reveal Second Son, the latest instalment in the open-world series inFamous, was to become a thing of infamy in itself.

inFamous: Second Son is likeable, but not yet loveable

An hour with Second Son suggests this could be the best yet, but can it push the series towards greatness?

I like inFamous games, but I've always wanted to love them. I've always felt I should love them, in fact, given that they blend acrobatic open-world chimney hopping with the crackle and fizz of elemental superheroics. inFamous 2 brought me close to love - mostly, granted, because you could kill street musicians - but it couldn't entirely escape from a handful of problems that had troubled the original.

Impressive off-screen inFamous PS4 gameplay

Impressive off-screen inFamous PS4 gameplay

"Who wants to be able to run up buildings?!"

Despite being recorded off-screen, this raw footage of PS4 exclusive inFamous: Second Son is bound to turn heads.

Hero Delsin flies around a city environment in a blur of fiery trails, taking out bridges and plummeting down from the sky to smash into the floor and devastate the area around him. Then he changes powers. Now neon, he can run in a blur of bright purple light up the side of buildings and even through the air.

InFamous: Second Son is your sixth most anticipated game coming out this year and, on this evidence, has good reason to be.

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Eurogamer readers' most anticipated games of 2014

Your top 10 choices for the year ahead.

We've had our say already, and typically we were probably well wide of the mark, so it's now your turn to let us know what games you're looking forward to over the next 12 months. Thanks to all who voted (but no thanks to whoever suggested Pong, and to the handful of people who put forward Half-Life 3, well... I'm sorry). The top 10 are presented in reverse order below - and it was incredibly tight out at the front, with the top result beating out the runner-up by only a couple of votes. We've also included some of your comments, although since the submission form was anonymous we can't say exactly who made which point. Sorry about that - if you feel particularly proprietorial about one of your insights that we've highlighted, tell the world in the comments. Onward!

Developers' Most Anticipated Games of 2014

Titanfall! Destiny! The Witcher 3! The Last Guardian (hopefully)!

2014 is upon us, and it promises riches and glory unlike any year before it. With their launches under their belts, the next generation of consoles will, hopefully, show us what they're made of. Virtual reality headsets may make their mark on the mainstream. And with a raft of crowdfunded games due out over the next 12 months, 2014 should tell us whether all that money we pumped into promising projects on Kickstarter was worth it.

inFamous Second Son release date announced

PlayStation 4 exclusive imFamous Second Son launches on 21st March 2014, Sony has just announced.

Developer Sucker Punch unveiled a new trailer for the open world action game, below. It reveals Delsin's latest power, Neon, which allows him to travel through Seattle as he battles the Department of Unified Protection.

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Super-powered in Seattle: inFamous Second Son preview

InFamous: Second Son has got to be more in love with Seattle than any game I've seen. Based on the trailer alone we get the Space Needle in the background and Nirvana on the soundtrack. The brief hands-off demo I saw tossed in the port town's landmark science museum. The new locale is great, but does Sucker Punch know what to do with those tossed salads and scrambled eggs?

The answer is hard to determine at this juncture, but despite new protagonist Delsin Rowe's most basic powers like hovering and hurling fireballs (instead of lightning), he promises to provide a much more robust experience than the previous games' leading man, Cole MacGrath.

For one, he can go all Alucard and disintegrate into a plume of ash and mist to dash ahead short distances or even do the Mario and travel through ventilation pipes and pop out rooftops. He can also take the stealthy approach and slam into foes, knocking them out before they know what hit 'em.

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PS4: PC-like architecture, 8GB RAM delight developers

"And the fact it's GDDR5 memory as well is just nuts..."

Sony's PlayStation 4 press conference was a pitch to developers as well as gamers. The console's architecture chief Mark Cerny talked more about CPUs and GPUs and teraflops than he did his own game, Knack. He described the PS4's architecture as like a PC's but "super-charged for gaming". PS4 is "a platform by game creators, for game creators", he said.

Every PlayStation 4 game, every developer announced so far

Every PlayStation 4 game, every developer announced so far

UPDATE: 169 companies have now signed up. Still no The Last Guardian.

Last night's PlayStation 4 unveiling included a flurry of new game announcements, and confirmation of the 60-odd games companies which are already signed up to support Sony's next-gen console.

Deep Down (working title) - Capcom

Destiny - Bungie

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The big interview: Sony's Shuhei Yoshida on PS4

"It's more about services than the system."

"I'm not directly managing third-party relations," says Shuhei Yoshida, when I ask him a question that pretty much has nothing to do with the area of Sony Computer Entertainment for which he is responsible.

Sucker Punch announces inFamous: Second Son for PS4

Sucker Punch announces inFamous: Second Son for PS4

UPDATE: Trailer added. Superpowered insurrection from the Sly Cooper studio.

Update: The trailer has been released, watch it below. It also comes with a plot synopsis with a certain X-Men tinge about it: "Surrounded by a society that fears them, superhumans are ruthlessly hunted down and caged by the Department of Unified Protection. When Delsin Rowe discovers his powers he's forced to run, searching for other superhumans in order to save those he loves from the oppressive D.U.P. now hot on his tail. The choices he makes along the way change the future of everyone around him."

Original story: Nate Fox of Seattle's Sucker Punch studio has taken to the stage at Sony's PlayStation Meeting in New York to introduce the studio's new game, inFamous: Second Son.

Going by a video, the game has a strong anti-authoritarian vibe, but with the familiar art style and dark superhero themes of inFamous. It takes place in a new city and stars a new hero, Deslin Rowe, according to the PlayStation Europe Twitter feed.

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