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If you pre-order Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare you can play a day early

Well, that's one way to encourage pre-orders.

If you pre-order Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare you can play it a day before its official launch.

Activision today announced the Day Zero Edition of the game, which you get for a pre-order at no extra cost.

Shops will deliver and sell the Day Zero Edition a day early, so it'll either turn up on Monday 3rd November, or you can walk into a shop then and buy it. The game officially launches on Tuesday 4th November.

You may even be able to pick up the Day Zero Edition on the Monday if you haven't pre-ordered. Activision said stock is limited, but if a shop has it to sell, then it'll be on sale.

The Day Zero Edition is available on all platforms - that is, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One - and includes special content. There are two new, custom weapons as well as the previously announced Advanced Arsenal incentive. You'll also get double XP during the 24 hours before launch.

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Details of Advanced Warfare's multiplayer were revealed earlier today at a Call of Duty press conference proceeding Gamescom.

Perhaps its most notable feature is its new movement system that allows players to boost-dodge, double-jump or dash in midair, slide, and slam down on the ground to damage nearby foes.

These expanded techniques are due to the game's Vanquish-like EXO suits that run on an energy meter, but offers cool abilities like cloaking, hovering and producing a shield. While your energy will drain, there will be perks available to extend your suit's battery life.

Players will also receive "supply drops" the longer they play. These include more loot and perks.

Speaking of which, the perk system has been overhauled from its "pick 10" iteration to "pick 13" to allow for a greater degree of customisation.

On that note, the character creator will be more robust than it's been in past entries as well.

Lots of favourite multplayer modes will return such as Hardpoint, CTF, Search & Destroy, Team Deathmatch and Domination, but there will be some new modes too like Uplink, which has players pass a satellite back and forth before dunking it in some dimensional rift, or something. Think basketball with more guns, no referees, and played in bombed out war-torn urban landscapes.

Of the new environments, four new maps were revealed today. Biolab is a small to medium snow-covered research facility; Riot is a Bagdad prison where the security tech is still operable, so you can set traps against your foes; Ascend is a space elevator terminal with a three-lane design; and finally Defender is a San Francisco-based map set under the Golden Gate bridge where a tsunami occurs mid-round.

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