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Watch: Ian celebrates the best gingers in video games

Red head redemption.

Next week sees the launch of Guerilla's much anticipated open-world game, Horizon Zero Dawn. When I first saw Horizon in action a couple of things instantly caught my eye. Obviously the giant robo-dinosaurs were a big selling point, but it was the hair colour of protagonist Aloy that really appealed to me.

As the owner of a bright ginger beard, it's always nice to see fellow redheads in video games, especially if they are in the lead role. So, using Aloy as inspiration, I decided to track down as many video game gingers as possible - as it turns out, there are a lot more than you'd expect.

From the classic carrot top through to blood-red braids, I tried to cover the whole colour spectrum of ginger hair and I came up with some interesting results.

Quite a few patterns emerge when you take a close look at the design process of ginger characters. For instance, many ginger characters are imbued with the power to control fire, whilst a large majority of end of game bosses, somewhat unfairly, sport paprika coloured hair. Check them out in the video below!

Cover image for YouTube video51 awesome gingers in video games

Do you have a favourite ginger character that i missed off the list? Do let me know in the comments below so I can read it and feel bad about it at a later date.

Have a great weekend!

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