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Imperator: Rome, Battletech, Tyranny and more are just £15 in Humble's latest Paradox Interactive Bundle

Strategic savings.

Time for yet another excellent Humble Bundle - and this one's particularly good for the strategically-minded out there. The Humble Best of Paradox Interactive Bundle includes the likes of Imperator: Rome, Battletech and Tyranny all for under £15.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves let's look at just how cheap the first tier is, though. For only 78p, you can get Warlock: Master of the Arcane - Complete Edition, Age of Wonders 3 and Europa Universalis 4.

A quick check on Steam and you can see that the full price for Europa Universalis 4 is £34.99, which makes this one hell of a bargain. For anyone looking to try their hand at one of Paradox's grand strategy behemoths, this is a very inexpensive way to start.

If you pay more than the average (which is currently £5.69) you also get Stellaris, Victoria Collection and Necropolis: Brutal Edition.

Of those, Stellaris is a particular highlight: a 4X strategy game that'll have you growing your empire across the vast reaches of space while also managing your diplomatic relations with other civilisations. I've found it a lot more accessible than some of Paradox's other grand strategy fare, especially if your background is in the Civilization series.

Then, in the next tier at a little under £10, you'll find Battletech and Tyranny. The former is a mech-focused turn-based strategy game, while the latter is a modern take on the classic cRPG from Obsidian with all the branching story options you'd expect. It definitely seems worth stretching to this tier to nab these two games.

Lastly, you can pay £13.37 to add Imperator: Rome to your haul as well. It's another smart grand strategy according to Rick's review but lacks the spark of Paradox's other big hits.

Here's all that's in the Humble Best of Paradox Interactive Bundle once again in an easy to digest list:

Pay 78p / $1 to get:

  • Warlock: Master of the Arcane - Complete Edition
  • Age of Wonders 3
  • Europa Universalis 4

Pay more than the average to get:

  • Stellaris
  • Victoria Collection
  • Necropolis: Brutal Edition

Pay £9.44 / $12 to get:

  • Battletech Digital Deluxe Edition
  • Tyranny

Pay £13.37 / $17 to get:

  • Imperator: Rome
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The Humble Best of Paradox Interactive Bundle is available until 6th August.

Elsewhere at Humble, there's just one week left to get 40 per cent off a Humble Choice subscription. For £10 per month, you'll get nine games added to your library, plus access to the Humble Trove and 20 per cent off at the Humble Store.

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