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How to catch aberrant fish in Dredge

There’s mutant fish beneath these waves.

Aberrant fish are the twisted, grotesque, versions of the regular fish you can catch throughout Dredge.

If you want to complete your fish Encyclopaedia in Dredge, then you will need to catch every single aberrant fish at least once.

Below you’ll learn how to catch aberrant fish in Dredge, so you can witness some of the horrors which lie beneath the waves.

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How to catch aberrant fish in Dredge

If you want to catch an aberrant fish in Dredge, then you need to keep an eye out for the fishing spots which have green and gold sparkles flowing from them. These sparkles will be easier to spot at night and, in our experience, more aberrant fish appear at night too. Just keep an eye on your Panic Level…

Spooky smoke also rises from the spots containing aberrant fish.

Once you’ve found a fishing spot containing aberrant fish, make sure you have a rod that allows you to fish at this spot installed on your boat. You can’t fish in a Shallow spot if you don’t have a rod capable of fishing in shallow waters after all. If you have the rod installed but it’s been damaged, you can, however, still fish in this spot - you just won’t have access to any speed bonuses.

Now all you have to do is fish until you’ve caught the aberrant fish. This may involve catching a number of regular fish until you find the aberrant one, but you can always toss those regular fish out.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the green and gold sparkles, because, when they vanish, so will the aberrant fish!

If you’re looking for a specific kind of aberrant fish, then remember to check your Encyclopedia. Like all fish in Dredge, the aberrant fish have their own page in this book that details their type (Abyssal etc.), when and where they appear, and the equipment you’ll need to catch them.

Aberrant fish in Dredge explained

Aberrant fish are the mutant creatures who hide beneath the waves of the sea in Dredge. Some have multiple heads, others lack a mouth or have bulging eyes - all of them are pretty darn strange.

Nearly every fish in Dredge has at least one aberrant variant and you can find them recorded in your Encyclopedia - having both their own entry and being listed at the bottom of their regular form. So, if you want to complete the Encyclopedia, make sure you’re catching some weird fish and unlocked Abyssal and Hadal fishing.

Aberrant fish also sell more when compared to regular fish, so it’s worth hunting them down if you want to upgrade your boat or buy new equipment.

Finally, aberrant fish are also involved in a number of Pursuits - what Dredge calls quests.

Catching your first aberrant fish will unlock the Grotesque Fish Pursuit, which, when completed, will unlock the Search For Relics Pursuit with the Collector. This will see you travelling the sea in search of five relics, including the Music Box and Ring.

You will also need to catch an aberrant fish to complete the Caught To Order Pursuit for the Fishmonger in Greater Marrow.

Good luck catching aberrant fish!

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