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How to get Abyssal and Hadal fishing catches in Dredge

How to catch fish from the Abyssal and Hadal depths.

Abyssal and Hadal catches refer to two of the fish categories you can find throughout Dredge and, to catch them, you need a specific type of fishing rod.

While the fishing rods for the other categories, like Coastal or Shallow, can be gradually unlocked by using Research Parts from the beginning of Dredge, you can only access Abyssal and Hadal fishing equipment once you’ve completed part of a Pursuit.

Once it’s unlocked, however, you can fish for Abyssal and Hadal catches to your heart's content and find the Ring relic. So look below to learn how to get Abyssal and Hadal fishing catches in Dredge.

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How to unlock Abyssal fishing catches in Dredge

To unlock Abyssal fishing in Dredge, you need to complete the first part of the Collect All Samples Pursuit for the Research Assistant at the Old Fortress in Stellar Basin.

The Old Fortress is located on the island north-west of the main part of Stellar Basin - its coordinates are D5.

The location of the Old Fortress.

For this Pursuit, the Research Assistant will ask you to find:

  • 1 Aurora Jellyfish
  • 1 Firefly Squid
  • 1 Glowing Octopus

The aberrant forms of these fish will not count towards this Pursuit.

Below we’ve outlined when, where and how we found these fish:

Aurora Jellyfish location

The Aurora Jellyfish only appear in Stellar Basin at night and can only be caught by trawling. Since it’s a Coastal jelly, we recommend using the Improved Trawl Net to ensure you’re only catching fish from its spawn pool. It takes up four squares in a square shape in your cargo.

We found the Aurora Jellyfish by sailing throughout the Stellar Basin area (avoiding the sea monster, of course) while using the Improved Trawl Net. This also caught us a couple of Firefly Squids.

Firefly Squid location

The Firefly Squid can only be caught at night in Stellar Basin. It is a Coastal creature and can be caught by either trawling or using a rod - both of which need to be able to net Coastal catches. One Firefly Squid will take up two squares in a rectangle shape.

We found the Firefly Squid by both trawling using the Improved Trawl Net and by fishing using the Anti-Tangle Line; the fishing spot we used was just north-west of the Starlight Pontoon.

Helpfully, you can see the blue glow of the Firefly Squid beneath the waves!

Where we caught a Firefly Squid.

Glowing Octopus location

The Glowing Octopus can only be caught at night in Stella Basin. It appears in Shallow waters and can be caught either using a Crab Pot or a rod that can net Shallow catches. One Glowing Octopus will take up four squares in a T-like shape.

We found the Glowing Octopus by using the Simple Skimmer rod and fishing a spot on the inside of the western sand bank of Stellar Basin. Like with the Firefly Squid, the blue glow of these octopuses is visible above the water, making them easy to find!

If you’re using a Crab Pot to find a Glowing Octopus, remember to check it regularly and that it will need repairing after a certain number of days.

Where we catch a Glowing Octopus.

After giving her these fish, the Research Assistant will have another job for you - retrieving the Prototype Parts from the Research Outpost.

If you haven’t visited it already, the Research Outpost is located near the north-eastern opening to Stellar Basin, just east of the Ring relic dredging spot. Its coordinates are G4.

The location of the Research Outpost.

Upon arriving at the Research Outpost, you will need to investigate the Laboratory and there you’ll find the Prototype Parts by selecting 'Inspect the equipment on the table.' The Prototype Parts will take up two squares in a rectangle shape.

With the Prototype Parts stored in your cargo, it’s time to return to the Researcher at the Old Fortress. She will give you the Sampling Device, which will allow you to conduct Abyssal fishing!

She will also give you a device which will help you reach the Ring relic dredging spot.

Now you can catch Abyssal fish!

How to unlock Hadal fishing catches in Dredge

If you want to catch fish from the Hades fishing category in Dredge, you must first unlock Abyssal fishing. After doing so, you’ll find that the Bottomless Lines are now available for unlocking in the Research section.

You will need one Research Part to unlock the Bottomless Lines, which allow you to catch both Abyssal and Hadal fish.

Research Parts can be found by dredging certain spots throughout the sea, completing certain Pursuits and by interesting locations you find out in the waves, like abandoned ships.

You’ll also receive a Research Part as part of your quest to retrieve the Ring relic. This is great, because you need a rod that can catch Hadal fish to get this relic!

After unlocking the Bottomless Lines rod, you’ll be able to invest three Research Parts into the Fathomless Winch. This rod can catch Abyssal, Hadal and Oceanic fish.

Good luck catching Abyssal and Hadal fish!

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