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How to get explosives and the Family Crest for the Hermitage Pursuit in Dredge


To unlock explosives in Dredge you first need to retrieve the Family Crest for the Hermitage Pursuit.

Once you’ve unlocked Packed Explosives, you’ll be able to use them to blow up walls across the ocean of Dredge. Doing so will help you gather important items, like the Music Box relic.

So, if you’d like to make your journey across the waves a little more explosive, read on to learn how to get the Family Crest and how to unlock explosives in Dredge.

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How to get the Family Crest in Dredge

To get the Family Crest in Dredge you need to venture further into the Gale Cliffs.

The location of the Family Crest.

Do not, however, go through the entrance directly to the left of the Hermit’s port (marked as Ruins on your map). While your map makes it seem like this pathway is clear, there is in fact a line of rocks blocking your way to the Family Crest.

Not to mention the giant fish which seems very intent on killing you…

A mistake was made.

Instead, you’ll want to sail around the edge of the Gale Cliffs until you find an entrance leading to where the Family Crest lies. Before doing so, however, we recommend ensuring you have an empty cargo (apart from your fishing equipment of course) for reasons we shall explain.

The best route we found was by sailing through the gap to the right of the Hermit’s / Ruins port and, once through, following the left-hand side of the cliffs.

Go through this passageway before following the cliffs southward.

If you take this route, you’ll quickly reach a small island with a port, which, if you dock at, will allow you to gather some useful items from an abandoned campsite. This island is also directly in front of the opening you’ll use to reach the Family Crest.

We recommend waiting until it’s about two o’clock (14:00) in the afternoon to pull the Family Crest from the ocean’s depths. This is because night will have started to fall by the time you’ve retrieved the crest, meaning you’ll be able to catch a Conger Eel for the best Before Pursuit given by the Ingfell Resident.

We make this recommendation, because, at this point, the giant fish who stalks the Gale Cliffs won’t be able to reach this area making it far safer for you to catch the eel.

Now you need to sail past the three shipwrecks to find the Family Crest dredging spot, which has a golden glow, in the middle of water in front of the waterfall. The Family Crest will take up four squares in a square shape.

The Family Crest can be obtained from the dredging spot with a golden glow.

Conger Eels will be in a fishing spot which will appear to the left of the waterfall past six o’clock (18:00) in the evening. It will take up five squares in an S-like shape.

A Conger Eel fishing spot.

Remember - the Conger Eel needs to be rotting for the Best Before Pursuit, so either sail around with it in your cargo or rest at a port until the fish is suitably disgusting.

With the Family Crest on board, it’s time to return the Hermit and ask him, 'Is this your family crest?'

How to unlock explosives in Dredge

Now that you’ve returned the Family Crest, it’s time to unlock the Packed Explosives in Dredge. To do this you need to visit the Hermit’s brother in Ingfell after showing him the Family Crest.

The brother in question is the Retired Whaler and, after telling him 'I believe this crest is yours.', he’ll ask you to blow up some debris for him.

To do this, you’ll need to sail into the part of Gale Cliffs which is stalked by the giant fish who has no trouble in attacking you. For this reason, we recommend ensuring you’ve installed faster engines than the ones your boat started out with as you’ll have to make a quick escape.

When you’re ready, head through the gap in the cliffs to the left of the Ruins / Hermit’s Port.

Head through this archway...

You’ll first reach a circular area containing a shipwreck and a large outcrop sitting in its middle. From this area, you should also be able to see the area of stone you need to blow up - marked by yellow flags - on the right-hand side of the passageway to your left.

and then along the passageway to your right.

Before you enter this passageway, it’s important to note that the giant fish will appear and start trying to attack you the moment you start sailing down it. For us, the fish always appeared on the right-hand side, so it’s a good idea to keep to the left-hand side before moving over to the explosives. You can also use Haste to try and outrun the fish.

To blow up the debris, you simply need to interact with the line of rock marked by yellow flags and select, 'Yes.' After that’s done return to Ingfell and talk to the Retired Whaler again.

He’ll ask you to get his brother, so it’s time to pop back to the Ruins / Hermit’s Port again and tell the Hermit all is forgiven. You will need to transport the Hermit to Ingfell, so make sure you have six squares arranged in a rectangle free in your cargo.

When you arrive, the Retired Whaler will ask you to meet him at the Whaling Docks and, when you do so, you’ll now find that he’s selling Packed Explosives. He’ll give you the first one for free, but afterwards they will cost $40.

Packed Explosives take up two squares in a rectangle shape. If you have the spare money, we recommend buying all of the explosives he currently has for sale and putting them in your storage. You’ll come across many destroyable walls in your journey and having some explosives safe in your storage will prevent you from having to return to Ingfell.

These explosives also mean you can now get the Music Box!

Hope you enjoy blowing things up in Dredge!