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How to get the Ring relic in Dredge

My precious.

The Ring is one of the relics the Collector asks you to find in Dredge. If you’re truly following his instructions, then you will seek out the Ring relic after finding the Music Box.

To reach the Ring relic, however, you will first have to unlock both Abyssal and Hadal fishing catches in Dredge, which involves visiting the Research Assistant at the Old Fortress.

You’ll also want to do something about that sea monster hiding at the bottom of Stellar Basin if you want to get the Ring relic in Dredge. It looks hungry…

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Ring relic location in Dredge: Where to find the Ring relic

The Ring relic is located in the middle of Stellar Basin, which is, itself, located to the south-west of Greater Marrow in Dredge.

The location of the Ring relic.

You may be tempted to sail out to the Ring’s dredging spot when you first arrive in Stellar Basin since, on the surface, it looks very easy to reach. Beneath the surface, however, lies a sea monster who will happily use its tentacles to destroy your fish.

Oh dear...

Instead, you first need to unlock Abyssal and Hadal fishing catches before you can even consider retrieving the Ring from the depths.

How to reach the Ring relic dredging spot in Dredge

To reach the Ring relic dredging spot in Dredge, you need to take the Repulsion Machine the Research at the Old Fortress gives you after unlocking Abyssal fishing to the Research Outpost.

The Repulsion Machine will take up four squares in your cargo and is arranged in a square shape, so make sure you have enough room for it.

Once the machine is stored away in your cargo, return to the Research Outpost. When you’re there, select the Generator and you’ll be asked to connect the Repulsion Machine to it. After doing so, the Repulsion Machine will be permanently connected to the Generator and you can use it to scare away the monster at the bottom of Stellar Basin.

It’s important to remember that the Repulsion Machine only works for a limited time. This means that the sea monster will eventually return, so keep an eye on the clock and the waters beneath you to avoid becoming fish food.

You will also receive a Research Part from connecting the Repulsion Machine to the Generator. If you haven’t done so already, use this Research Part to unlock the Bottomless Lines from the Research section.

The Bottomless Lines allow you to catch Hadal fish and, since the Ring is in a Hadal dredging spot, you can’t retrieve it without this rod or another which can catch Hadal fish.

If you have three spare Research Parts, you could also unlock the Fathomless Winch which can catch Abyssal, Hadal and Oceanic fish.

Either way, you’ll now want to visit the Travelling Merchant at the Starlight Pontoon and purchase your rod of choice. We brought the Bottomless Lines, which costs $450 and takes up four rod squares in an L-shape in your cargo. Just remember to install before leaving!

You can make your journey to the Starlight Pontoon easier by activating the generator and scaring away the monster. We do, however, recommend returning to the Research Outpost and reactivating the generator to ensure you have the maximum no-sea-monster-time-period when dredging for the Ring.

With the generator activated, you can safely sail out into the middle of Steller Basin and dredge for the Ring. The dredging spot you’re looking for is in the middle of Stellar Basin and is emitting red dots.

The ring relic sits in the middle of Stellar Basin.

The Ring will take up four squares in a square shape in your cargo. It will also be referred to as the Jewel Encrusted Band.

Now that you have the Ring relic, it’s time to return it to the Collector! Though you may also want to take the time to catch some of the Abyssal and Hadal fish the Research at the Old Fortress is looking for; you can catch the Snailfish and Anglerfish in this location.

At the time of writing, we don’t know if the abilities the Collector gives you are tied to a specific relic or the number of relics you’ve given him. Giving him the Ring unlocked the Banish ability for us.

Banish has the ability to defend you from the dark powers which attempt to increase your Panic Level at night. It only lasts for a limited period of time, however, and, once the red light vanishes, you’ll have to wait for its cooldown to finish before you can use it again.

Good luck finding the Ring relic!

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