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How the Renown System works in Diablo 4

Increase your potion capacity, and earn bonus Skill and Paragon points.

As you play and complete various activities in Diablo 4 - now on Game Pass - you're progressing via several ways, including XP gains, Gold, loot, as well as acquiring Renown.

All of the regions in Diablo 4 has a slew of rewards you can earn by playing the game and completing its different activities, and doing so will earn Renown that then allows you to recieve additional benefits when hitting certain milestones.

Below we'll run through how to increase your Renown, as well as the various rewards earned by increasing Renown across each of the game's regions.

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How to increase your Renown in Diablo 4

As mentioned, you earn Renown by completing various activities in Diablo 4.

These activities include much of the game’s open world and side content, and as you complete these activities, you’ll earn a certain amount of Renown as listed below:

  • Waypoints - 20 Renown
  • Strongholds - 100 Renown
  • Side Quests - 20 Renown
  • Areas Discovered - 5 Renown
  • Side Dungeons - 30 Renown
  • Altars of Lilith - 10 Renown

Completing each of these activities adds to your total Renown for that particular region, and unlocks rewards as you go – you can track progress towards your current tier via the screen shown in the image below.

The screen showing the five tiers of rewards and six types of activities that contribute towards your total Renown.

To view this tab, simply open up the map and you’ll see a button/key prompt next to a checklist at the top of the screen.

The checklist that shows at the top of the map screen with the 'View Rewards' prompt to open the Renown screen.

You can only view this screen for a region if you have been to that region however, so you won't be able to see the number of activities per region until you've been there at least once.

When creating new characters, some of your pre-existing progress will carry forward - namely, Altars of Lilith, and the various areas you've discovered.

Additionally, if you jump into the Seasonal Realm with a new character, this same progress will apply, as well as various waypoints automatically activated for you, so that you have easy access jumping to the different points of interest and cities across the map.

The Renown screen in Diablo 4 on a newly-created Seasonal Realm character, showing pre-existing progress that carries over from a prior character.
For example, this is on a fresh character created on the Seasonal Realm, but it's retaining various progress made on an existing character.

This means you don't have to worry about re-grinding every single activity, location, or collectible for each character you play - you can just start a new character and claim several Renown rewards right from the getgo.

Renown rewards and requirements in Diablo 4

Earning Renown within each of these regions of Diablo 4 adds up the points from each activity completion, and when certain thresholds are reached, a selection of rewards are available to acquire.

Through this additional reward track, you’ll unlock various rewards including capacity upgrades for Potions and Obols, as well as bonus Skill and Paragon points to spend – each region has a set of five reward bundles to acquire.

The rewards for each of these regions are the same, and fall into two unlock categories: character-based and realm-based.

The first three tiers of rewards and the key for the two types of rewards.

Character-based rewards will apply to the current character you’re using, whereas the realm-based rewards apply to every character you have on that particular realm, whether Eternal or Seasonal.

Below are the rewards you can earn at each Renown tier – character-based rewards are marked with a '1', and realm-based rewards are marked with a '2'.

Keep in mind that the fourth and fifth set of rewards require you to have unlocked World Tier 3 to claim. It should also be noted that whilst the rewards are the same per region, it's possible the required Renown points may differ slightly – from our experience thus far however, they are all the same.

Renown Tier / Points RequirementRewards
Tier 1 RenownBonus XP (1)
+ 3,000 Gold (1)
+ 1 Skill Point (2)
Tier 2 RenownBonus XP (1)
+ 10,000 Gold (1)
+1 Potion Capacity (2)
Tier 3 RenownBonus XP (1)
+ 25,000 Gold (1)
+ 1 Skill Point (2)
Tier 4 RenownRequires World Tier 3 Unlock

Bonus XP (1)
+ 60,000 Gold (1)
+80 Max Obols (2)
Tier 5 RenownRequires World Tier 3 Unlock

Bonus XP (1)
+ 150,000 Gold (1)
+ 4 Paragon Points (2)

Each time you hit the requirements for one of these tiers, your previously earned points won’t carry across to the next tier - instead, it’ll start from zero again, though you’ll still be able to see your overall total per region on the Renown or map screens.

The total Renown you've earned for a region is shown on its checklist at the top of the screen when viewing that region in the map.

This means after you earn 200 Renown and complete the first tier, to unlock the second tier of rewards, you’ll need to acquire another 300 Renown, then 400 for the third tier, and so on for each subsequent tier of rewards.

Regardless, since it requires completing much of the game’s side content throughout all five regions, beating the campaign and unlocking World Tier 3, it’s safe to say it’s quite the time investment if you're looking to max out each of these Renown ranks and acquire their associated rewards.

One of the realm-based Skill Point rewards acknowledged via a popup after being acquired.

Once you’ve earned enough Renown for a tier, you’ll be able to acquire its rewards.

To do this, open up the Renown Screen from the map and click on the 'Claim' button for the completed tier - tiers are marked with a green tick once you’ve completed them and acquired their rewards.

Additionally, once you've passed the threshold for a tier, you’ll then be able to see the required Renown points for the next tier.

The 'Claim' button after passing a Renown tier's threshold for its reward.

If you’re looking to unlock World Tier 3 and acquire the fourth and fifth set of Renown rewards, be sure to check out our explainer on World Tiers in Diablo 4, or if you’re figuring out the best class and builds, check out our class tier list.

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