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How to get Paragon points in Diablo 4 and Paragon boards explained

Here is everything you need to know about Paragon points and Paragon boards.

Paragon points are part of a fundamental system in Diablo 4 that you need to customize your character.

In Diablo 4, the builds for the classes are focused on the abilities picked in the Skill Tree of each one of them. However, as you progress in the game, you can go deeper into modifying your character.

In this guide you’ll find all you need to know about how to get Paragon points in Diablo 4 as well as an explanation about the Paragon boards.

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How to get paragon points in Diablo 4

Paragon points, in Diablo 4, are earned mostly through leveling up your character after you reach level 50. Once you do, the experience bar changes to blue and it’s split into three parts, and the Paragon tab appears beside the Skill Tree tab. Each segment is represented by a dot in the experience bar. From the level 50 to level 100, you only receive Paragon points.

Paragon points are earned mostly by leveling up your character in Diablo 4

As you gain experience points from all the activities in the game and fill a segment, you’re rewarded with a Paragon point. In the end, raising one level gives you three paragon points.

Another source of some Paragon points is the Renown System, which you can complete by doing activities in each region of the game.

Diablo 4 Paragon boards explained

Paragon board is a progression system that allows you to customize your character in Diablo 4 endgame. The boards are specific for each class and all players have access to the same boards, having no need to get more boards by using other means.

The Paragon points are used in these boards to unlock nodes. You can only unlock nodes that are adjacent to one where you have already used a Paragon point. You can find different types of nodes to unlock with points in a Paragon board.

There is the normal node that increases the character’s base stats. The magic nodes come with affixes in addition to increasing the stats. There are also rare nodes which come with more affixes and an extra effect in case you met the requirements.

Paragon boards have nodes that can be unlocked by using Paragon points.

Besides these three basic nodes, you can also find Legendary nodes which don’t increase stats but adds powerful passives to your character. It’s important to know that you can’t refund a node in the middle of a string. You must refund node-by-node.

In every board, there are Glyph sockets too, nodes where you can put special items called Paragon Glyphs. Glyphs power up nodes inside their rage by adding effects, giving more opportunities to customize your character. You can get Glyphs by completing Nightmare Dungeons. At the end of these dungeons, you can upgrade your glyphs as well, which not only increases their effects but also their range.

After you spend a good amount of Paragon points in a board, you might reach the Board Attachment Gate. By using one point in it, you have access to a new board. You can not only check what are the boards a class has but you can also rotate the next board so you start close to the nodes that are better for the build you're running.

Enjoy your time in Diablo 4!

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