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Diablo 4 all skill trees explained

Here's everything you need to know about the skill trees in Diablo 4.

The skill trees in Diablo 4 help determine how you'll play your chosen class, because they're a major part of your character build.

In Diablo 4, players can customize the classes based on their play styles by using different combinations of skills. There are many builds for the Barbarian and the Necromancer, for example.

But if you want to know more about what the game has to offer, we have prepared this article covering all of the Diablo 4 skill trees for every class with an explanation of each skill.

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All Diablo 4 skill trees

All the classes in Diablo 4 have unique identities and the skills they have access to as based on them. The abilities not only respect how narratively the classes fit in the world of Diablo 4 but also their role in a group.

Below you find a brief explanation of what each skill tree focus on:

  • Barbarian: This class’ skill tree comes with abilities that aim on mitigating damage while generating Fury to increase the character’s damage output. A solid selection of single target as well as area-of-effect abilities.
  • Sorcerer: Although the Sorcerer’s skill tree can be summarized as focused on burst enemies, it also offers a good variety of skills that uses elemental magic to crowd control enemies.
  • Druid: The Druid has a versatile skill tree that allows this class to focus on damage, on mitigating damage or a mix of these two. In general, Druid’s skills are based on the class’s ability to shapeshift into animals as well as on using elemental spells.
  • Rogue: The Rogue has a skill tree focused not only on offering tools to burst enemies, either from close or long distance, but to imbue their weapons with special effects to fight multiple enemies. This skill tree is marked by its focus on skills using blades or bows/crossbows.
  • Necromancer: As expected from this class, a big focus on its skill tree is to improve the Necromancer’s army of Skeletons. At the same time, players can find skills that use Blood, Bones, or Darkness to attack enemies or keep the Necromancer alive.
Diablo 4 has a total of 5 classes each with different skill trees

Diablo 4 Barbarian skill tree explained

Below you’ll find the Barbarian skill tree in Diablo 4:

Basic Node

  • Lunging Strike: This a simple skill that lets you hit the enemy in front of you.
  • Bash: By using this skill, you hit enemies in front of you and stun them after some hits.
  • Frenzy: With quick movements, your character hits enemies. As you keep hitting them, your character’s Attack Speed is increased for a period of time.
  • Flay: Besides damaging an enemy in front of you, this skill applies Bleeding to them.

Core Node

  • Whirlwind: This classic move makes your character spin around hitting enemies.
  • Hammer of the Ancients: A strong attack in the area in front of the character.
  • Pressure Point: With this passive skill, your Core ability has a chance to make enemies Vulnerable.
  • Upheaval: You hit the ground with your weapon to throw pieces of it forward damaging enemies.
  • Double Swing: This skill damages enemies by sweeping your weapons from opposite directions. If an enemy is caught in the center, they take the damage of both weapons.
  • Endless Fury: This passive increases the amount of Fury your Basic Skill generates in case you’re using a Two-Handed weapon.
  • Rend: This is a cleave attack that afflicts Bleeding to enemies.
The Barbarian focuses on mitigating damage and building Fury
Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment/Eurogamer

Defensive Node

  • Ground Stomp: Your character hits the ground to damage enemies and stun them.
  • Imposing Presence: Give you additional Maximum Life.
  • Martial Vigor: This passive skill increases the amount of damage you can mitigate from the attack of Elite enemies.
  • Rallying Cry: This ability increases yours and your group’s Movement Speed and Resource Generation.
  • Iron Skin: Activating this skill creates a Barrier based on your missing Life.
  • Outburst: Increases the character’s Thorn number and gives them more Thorns based on their Maximum Life.
  • Tough as Nails: Another passive that increases your Thorns. It also converts part of the damage they take from your Thorns into Bleeding damage.
  • Challenging Shout: Use this skill to taunt enemies and reduce the damage you take from them.

Brawling Node

  • Kick: Well, you actually kick enemies, damaging them and knocking them back. These enemies are also stunned.
  • War Cry: Another shout skill which increases the damage you and your party do.
  • Booming Voice: This passive increases the duration of your Shout skills.
  • Raid Leader: Adds the effect of healing your allies to your shouts based on your Maximum Life.
  • Guttural Yell: With this passive, your Shout skills makes enemies cause less damage.
  • Charge: By using this skill, you run forward, becoming Unstoppable, hitting enemies, and knocking them back.
  • Leap: Your character makes a short leap, damaging enemies around the area they land and knocking them back.
  • Aggressive Resistance: As your Berserking, this skill Increases your Damage Reduction.
  • Prolific Fury: This passive skill increases your Fury Generation while Berserking.
  • Battle Fervor: With this passive skill, whenever you damage at least one enemy with a Brawling skill, you extend the duration of your Berserk state.
  • Swiftness: Increases your Movement Speed.
  • Quick Impulses: Reduces how long you suffer from the effects of Control Impairing skills.

Weapon Mastery

  • Pit Fighter: A passive skill that increases the damage you deal to enemies close to you and reduces the damage you taken from distant enemies.
  • Slaying Strike: With this one, the damage you deal to Injured enemies is increased.
  • Expose Vulnerability: This passive adds the effect to any Core skill used after dealing damage with a Weapon Mastery skill to make enemies Vulnerable.
  • No Mercy: By having this skill, the chances of landing Critical Strikes against Immobilized, Stunned, or Slowed enemies are higher.
  • Rupture: Attacks enemies in front of you dealing extra damage based on how much Bleeding they had.
  • Hamstring: Enemies affected by Bleeding are also slowed.
  • Cut to the Bone: This passive increases the Bleeding damage against Vulnerable enemies.
  • Steel Grasp: It pulls up to three enemies toward you, damaging them when they are hit.
  • Thick Skin: This passive skill give yous Fortify based on your Base Life for each direct damage you take.
  • Counteroffensive: With this passive, your damage increases based on how Fortified you are.
  • Defensive Stance: This skill increases the Damage Reduction you have when Fortified.
  • Death Blow: By using this skill, you try to execute an enemy dealing a lot of damage to them. If they are killed by this attack, its Cooldown is reset.

Ultimate Node

  • Call of the Ancients: Activating this skill summons three spirits to fight with you for some time.
  • Duelist: It increases your Attack Speed if you’re using One-Handed Weapons.
  • Iron Maelstrom: You perform a three-steps attack, each with a singular damage and effect caused to enemies.
  • Tempered Fury: You have your Maximum Fury increased.
  • Furious Impulse: This passive gives you Fury points whenever you swap weapons.
  • Invigorating Fury: By having this passive unlocked, after spending a certain amount of Fury you’re healed based on your Maximum Life.
  • Wrath of the Berserker: Once you use this skill, you enter the Berserk state, dealing more damage and becoming Unstoppable.
  • Heavy Handed: This passive increases your Critical Strike Damage when using Two-Handed weapons.
  • Wallop: Hitting enemies with a Bludgeoning weapon deals more damage if the enemy is Stunned or Vulnerable.
  • Brute Force: Overpower damage is increased when using a Two-Handed weapon.
  • Concussion: When you get a Lucky Hit your skills using Bludgeoning weapons can Stun enemies. The chances are higher if you’re using a Two-Handed Bludgeoning weapon.

Key Passives Node

  • Unconstrained: With this passive, the maximum duration of the Berserk state is increased as well as its damage.
  • Walking Arsenal: Your damage is increased if you’re using a Two-Handed Bludgeoning weapon, a Two-Handed Slashing weapon, or a Dual Wielded weapon. If you have all the three, the buff is higher.
  • Unbridled Rage: This skill increases the damage of your Core skills but they now cost a lot more Fury.
  • Gushing Wounds: When you afflict Bleeding to an enemy, you have a chance to increase the Bleed amount. Besides that, by Overpowering a Bleeding enemy creates an explosion.

Diablo 4 Sorcerer skill tree explained

Below you can find the Sorcerer skill tree in Diablo 4:

Basic Node

  • Spark: This is a lightning attack that hits an enemy multiple times.
  • Frost Bolt: With this skill, you throw a bolt of ice at an enemy, damaging and Chilling them.
  • Fire Bolt: You throw a bolt of fire that damages and afflicts Burning as well.
  • Arc Lash: With this attack, you unleash an attack that deals damage to enemies in front of you have can Stun them too.

Core Node

  • Incinerate: An attack that channels a beam of fire that burns enemies.
  • Fireball: The classic ball of fire that damage enemies and explode damaging all the surrounding enemies as well.
  • Frozen Orb: When you use this skill, you unleash an orb of ice that Chills and damages enemies.
  • Ice Shards: By using this skill, you shoot some shards of ice that damage enemies. Their damage is increased if the enemy is Frozen.
  • Devastation: This passive increases your Maximum Mana.
  • Elemental Dominance: It increases the damage of your Core skills depending on how much Mana you have.
  • Chain Lightning: This skill unleashes a stream of lightning that jumps from one enemy to another damaging each time it hits.
  • Charged Bolts: This skill releases bolts of lightning on the ground that attack enemies randomly.
  • Potent Warding: By casting a Non-Basic skill, you receive Resistance of all elements and additional Resistance to the element of the skill you used.

Defensive Node

  • Flame Shield: Put yourself on fire, burning enemies surrounding you.
  • Teleport: By using this skill, you teleport to a nearby location and deal damage to enemies upon arrival.
  • Ice Armor: Creates a barrier of ice that absorbs damage.
  • Frost Nova: This skill unleashes a explosion that Freezes enemies around you.
  • Glass Cannon: This is a passive skill that increases the damage you deal as well as the damage you take.
  • Elemental Attunement: When you land a Lucky Hit, Critical striking an enemy might reset the Cooldown of your Defensive skill.
The Sorcerer in Diablo 4 is all about using elemental spells
Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment/Eurogamer

Conjuration Node

  • Hydra: Using this skill invokes a Hydra that attacks enemies near to it.
  • Ice Blades: This skill creates a pair of ice blades that attack enemies and make them Vulnerable.
  • Lightning Spear: Throws a spear of lightning that seeks out enemies and deals damage every time it hits them.
  • Precision Magic: This passive increases your Lucky Hit Chance.
  • Conjuration Mastery: Your damage is increased for each Conjuration active.
  • Align the Elements: This passive decreases the amount of damage you take from an Elite enemy depending on how much time you spend without being hit by them.
  • Mana Shield: With this passive skill, you gain Damage Reduction after spending a certain amount of Mana.
  • Protection: Whenever you use a Cooldown, you gain a Barrier based on your Maximum Life.

Mastery Node

  • Blizzard: An attack that evokes a blizzard that hits an area damaging and Chilling enemies.
  • Meteor: By using this skill, you cast a meteor that strikes the target location, damaging enemies and applying Burning on the ground.
  • Firewall: Activating this skill creates a wall of flames that Burns enemies.
  • Ball of Lightning: You cast a ball of lightning that moves around attacking enemies.
  • Icy Veil: This passive increases the duration of Barriers.
  • Cold Front: It adds the effect of applying more Chill if you have a Barrier active.
  • Snap Freeze: By landing a Lucky Hit, your Frost skills have the chance to instantly Freeze enemies.
  • Static Discharge: When you land a Critical Strike with a Shock skill you have a chance to form a Crackling Energy if you land a Lucky Hit.
  • Invigorating Conduit: You gain mana by absorbing Crackling Energy.
  • Shocking Impact: This passive adds the effect of damaging enemies Stunned by you.

Ultimate Node

  • Deep Freeze: Wraps you on ice, becoming Immune, damaging enemies, and Chilling them. After some time, you create an explosion that damages enemies.
  • Inferno: Summons a serpent of fire to Burn enemies.
  • Unstable Currents: Using this skill makes your character cast a random Core, Conjuration, or Mastery Shock skill whenever you cast a Shock skill.
  • Permafrost: This passive increases the damage of your Frost skills against Elites.
  • Hoarfrost: This one increases the damage you deal to Chilled and Frozen enemies.
  • Icy touch: Vulnerable enemies take more Cold damage from you with this skill.
  • Frigid Breeze: If you land a Lucky Hit, your Cold damage has a chance of generating Mana when caused to a Vulnerable enemy.
  • Fiery Surge: When you kill a Burning enemy, your Mana Regeneration is increased.
  • Endless Pyre: Enemies take more damage as long as they remain Burning.
  • Soulfire: With this passive skill, after you spend some time standing still, your Pyromancy Skill costs less Mana.
  • Warmth: This passive heals you for every nearby Burning enemy. The healing is higher if you’re facing a boss.
  • Coursing Currents: By unlocking this passive, your Shock skills increase your Critical Strike Chance when they hit enemies.
  • Electrocution: By having this skill, enemies deal less damage if they were hit by one of your Shock skills that critically striked.
  • Conduction: By landing Critical Strike with Shock skills, you have your Movement Speed increased.
  • Convulsions: This passive adds the effect to your Shock skills to Stun enemies if you land a Lucky Hit.

Key Passives Node

  • Avalanche: If you land a Lucky Hit, your Frost Skills have the chance to make your next Ice Shards, Frozen Orb, or Blizzard cost zero Mana and deal more damage. This chance increases if it’s against Vulnerable enemies.
  • Shatter: This passives adds the effect of creating an explosion after the Freeze effect expires.
  • Overflowing Energy: This passive increases the number of enemies hit by Crackling Energy and has the effect of reducing Shock Skill Cooldowns by every enemy hit by the Crackling Energy.
  • Vyr’s Mastery: With this skill, your Shock Skills deal more damage to Close enemies and you take less damage from them. These effects are amplified if you land Critical Strikes.
  • Esu’s Ferocity: By unlocking this passive, your Fire Critical Strike Damage or your Fire Critical Strike Chance is buffed depending on the situation. If an enemy is killed with a Critical Strike, you gain both bonuses.
  • Combustion: This passive increases your Burning damage based on how many unique sources of Burning afflicted the enemy.

Diablo 4 Druid skill tree explained

You can find, below, the Druid skill tree in Diablo 4:

Basic Node

  • Earth Spike: A spike comes out of the ground to impale enemies, damaging them.
  • Wind Shear: Cast a blade of wing that damage enemies.
  • Storm Strike: Adds Electrical damage to your weapons which is chained among enemies. You also receive Damage Reduction.
  • Claw: You turn into a werewolf and attack enemies.
  • Maul: You shapeshift into a werebear to attack enemies in front of you.

Core Node

  • Lightning Storm: You channel a lightning storm that deals damage per strike. Its damage increases the longer the storm is channeled up.
  • Tornado: You conjure a tornado that deals damage to enemies in the area.
  • Pulverize: In the form of a werebear, you slam the ground dealing damage to surrounding enemies.
  • Shred: A three-phase attack in the form of a werewolf.
  • Landslide: By using this skill, you crush enemies between pillars of earth.
  • Heart of the Wild: This passive increases your Maximum Spirit.
  • Abundance: Your Basic Skills generate more Spirit points.
  • Wild Impulses: This passive increases the damage of your Core Skills but now they cost more Spirit.
  • Predatory Instinct: With this passive, your Critical Strike Chance increases against Close enemies.
  • Iron Fur: You gain Damage Reduction while you’re in werebear form and for some time after you leave it.
  • Digitigrade Gait: You gain Movement Speed while you’re in the werewolf form and for some time after you leave it.

Defensive Node

  • Earthen Bulwark: By activating this skill, you gain a Barrier that absorbs damage based on your Base Life.
  • Cyclone Armor: This also works as a barrier, reducing a percentage of the Non-Physical Damage you take.
  • Blood Howl: This ability heals you based on your Maximum Life.
  • Debilitating Roar: This skill gives your a buff, reducing the damage dealt by Nearby enemies for a brief period of time.
  • Ancestral Fortitude: This passive increases your Non-Physical Resistance.
  • Vigilance: With this passive, you receive a Damage Reduction buff when you used a Defensive skill.
The druid has one of the most versatile skill tree in the game
Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment/Eurogamer

Companion Node

  • Wolves: Two wolves follow you around and attack nearby enemies. You can use the ability to order a direct attack.
  • Poison Creeper: A poison creeper hits enemies in the area around you from time to time. If you use the skill, the vines strangle enemies and poison them.
  • Ravens: A certain number of Ravens follow you, attacking enemies periodically. Activating the skill order an attack to a specific target area.
  • Clarity: With this passive, you gain Spriti points whenever you transform into human.
  • Nature’s Reach: By having this passive, you deal more damage to Distante, Slowed, Stunned, Immobilized, or Knocked Back enemies.
  • Call of the Wild: Increases the damage of your Companion skills.

Wrath Node

  • Hurricane: This skill casts a hurricane around you that deals damage to enemies.
  • Boulder: Throws a boulder at enemies that knocks them back and deals damage.
  • Rabies: Using this skill makes you attack enemies and apply Poisoning damage. Enemies affected by Rabies spread the poisoning to surrounding enemies.
  • Trample: You charge forward in the form of a werebear, becoming Unstoppable, dealing damage, and knocking enemies back. If an enemy is knocked back into terrain, they are also Stunned.
  • Elemental Exposure: By landing a Lucky Hit, your Storm Skills have the chance to make enemies Vulnerable.
  • Endless Tempest: This passive skill increases the duration of the Hurricane.
  • Charged Atmosphere: By having this skill, from time to time a Lightning Bolt hits an enemy in the area near to you.
  • Electric Shock: You Lightning damage has the chance to Immobilize an enemy if you land a Lucky Hit. The enemy takes more damage if they are already Immobilized.
  • Bad Omen: There is the chance of the Lightning Bolt hitting an enemy that was Vulnerable, Immobilized, or Stunned when they were damaged by you.
  • Neurotoxin: This passive slows enemies that are poisoned.
  • Envenom: Poisoned enemies take more Critical Strike Damage.
  • Toxic Claws: Whenever you land a Critical Strike as a werewolf, you deal part of your Base Damage as poisoning damage.

Ultimate Node

  • Petrify: This skill Stuns enemies and increases the Critical Strike Damage you deal to Petrified enemies. The effects are stronger and last longer against bosses.
  • Cataclysm: You cast lightning and twisters that hit enemies and knock them back.
  • Lacerate: As a werewolf, you dash through enemies dealing damage to them.
  • Grizzly Rage: You turn into a werebear to gain bonus damage and damage reduction. Killing enemies extends the duration of this skill.
  • Defiance: The damage of your Nature Magic Skills is increased against Elite enemies.
  • Natural Disaster: The damage of your Earth and Storm skills are increases against enemies afflicted by certain conditions.
  • Circle of Life: Whenever you use a Nature Magic skill that costs Spirit, you’re healed based on your Maximum Life.
  • Resonance: This passive skill buffs the damage of your Nature Magic skills depending on the order you cast them.
  • Defensive Posture: With this passive skill, the amount of Fortify you receive is increased.
  • Thick Hide: You gain Fortify based on you Base Life when you are Stunned, Immobilized, or Knocked Down.
  • Nature’s Resolve: By having this passive skill, you have a chance of receiving Fortify when you’re struck based on your Base Life.
  • Unrestrained: Because of this skills, Control Impairing Effects have their duration reduced.
  • Quickshift: This passive buffs the damage you deal when using a skill that turns you into a different form.
  • Natural Fortitude: Transforming into a werewolf or werebear Fortifies you based on your Base Life.
  • Heightened Senses: When transformed, you gain Damage Reduction against Elites.

Key Passives Node

  • Ursine Strength: You gain additional Maximum Life as a werebear as well as deal more damage if Healthy.
  • Bestial Rampage: After leaving the werewolf form, you gain Attack Speed, and after leaving the werebear form, your damage is increased.
  • Lupine Ferocity: This passive secures a Critical Strike with damage buff after using a certain number of Werewolf skills.
  • Earthen Might: When you damage enemies with Earth skills there is the chance of restoring all of your Spirit and of landing guaranteed Critical Strikes for a period of time.
  • Perfect Storm: With this passive, all your Storm Skills will grant you Spirit when used and have their damage increased when hitting Vulnerable, Immobilized, or Slowed enemies.
  • Nature’s Fury: By unlocking this passive, you might trigger a free Storm Skill when using a Earth Skill or cast a free Earth Skill when using a Storm Skill.

Diablo 4 Rogue skill tree explained

Below you’ll find the Rogue skill tree in Diablo 4:

Basic Node

  • Invigorating Strike: A melee attack that deals damage and increases Energy Rengations.
  • Blade Shift: A quick thrust attack that also allows you to move through enemies.
  • Puncture: This a short distance attack that deals damage and can slow enemies.
  • Heartseeker: This skill shoots an arrow that seeks an enemy and increases your chance of landing a Critical Strike.
  • Forceful Arrow: With this skill, your character shoots a powerful arrow dealing damage and makes the enemy Vulnerable once you hit the enemy three times.

Core Node

  • Barrage: Your character shoots a barrage of arrows outward and each arrow has a chance to ricochet off an enemy.
  • Twisting Blades: This is a melee skill which impales an enemy with your two blades, dealing damage while increasing the damage they take while impaled. After some time, the blades return to you hitting enemies on the way.
  • Sturdy: A passive skill that reduces Close Damage taken by you.
  • Siphoning Strikes: A passive that heals you based on your Maximum Life when you land a Critical Strike on Close enemies.
  • Flurry: Unleashes a flurry of stabs and slashes hitting enemies in front of you.
  • Penetrating Shot: Shoots an arrow that hits all enemies in front of you.
  • Stutter Step: Raises your Movement Speed for a period of time when you land Critical Strikes.
  • Rapid Fire: Fires a sequence of arrows.

Agility Skills Node

  • Shadow Step: You character jumps behind an enemy and stabs them dealing damage. Your Movement Speed is increased briefly as well.
  • Rugged: Reduces the damage taken by Damage Over Time effects.
  • Reactive Defense: If you get inflicted with Control Impairing Effects, the damage you take is reduced.
  • Caltrops: You leap backwards and throw caltrops that deal damage and slow enemies.
  • Concussive: If you Knock Back or Knock Down an enemy, you gain a small Critical Strike Chance buff.
  • Rapid Gambits: If you afflict Daze to an enemy, your Evade Cooldown is reduced.
  • Trick Attacks: Give you the effect of knocking down an enemy when you hit them with a Critical Strike while Dazed.
  • Weapon Mastery: Gives you a bonus depending on the weapon type you’re using.
Rogue is a class that gives you the tools to burst enemies quickly
Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment/Eurogamer

Subterfuge Node

  • Agile: By using a Cooldown, your Dodge Chance is increased.
  • Mending Obscurity: When you in Stealth mode, you heal based on your Maximum Life.
  • Concealment: Puts you in Stealth mode.
  • Smoke Grenade: By using this skill, you throw a grenade that Dazes enemies for a period of time.
  • Poison Trap: With this skill, you place a trap on the ground that poisons enemies.
  • Exploit: A passive skill that increases the damage you deal to Healthy and Injured enemies.
  • Malice: Increases the damage dealt to Vulnerable enemies.
  • Dark Shroud: You receive some stacks of shadows that protects you, consuming one shadow when you’re hit.

Imbuement Node

  • Shadow Crash: Shadow damage has a chance to Stun enemies with this passive.
  • Consuming Shadows: Whenever you kill an enemy with Shadow damage, you generate Energy.
  • Shadow Imbuement: You receive two stacks of Shadow damage that are spent when you use your core skill or agility skill. Enemies afflicted by shadow damage explode when they die.
  • Poison Imbuement: Gives your next two attacks the effect of dealing Poison damage and inflicting poisoning as well.
  • Deadly Venom: This skill increases your Poisoning damage.
  • Debilitating Toxins: Reduces the damage dealt by poisoned enemies.
  • Alchemical Advantage: Your Attack Speed increases based on how many enemies you’ve Poisoned.
  • Cold Imbuement: Your next two attacks deal Cold damage and Chill enemies as well.
  • Frigid Finesse: Chilled and Frozen enemies take more damage.
  • Chilling Weight: With this skill, the Movement Speed reduction received by Chilled enemies is increased.
  • Precision Imbuement: All Imbued skills receive a Critical Strike Chance buff.

Ultimate Node

  • Shadow Close: This skill creates a close that copies all your attacks during a period of time.
  • Innervation: You character might gain Energy when landing a Lucky Hit.
  • Alchemist’s Fortune: Your Non-Physical damage has a higher chance to land Lucky Hits.
  • Second Wind: Whenever you spend a certain amount of Energy, you receive a Lucky Hit Chance buff.
  • Trap Mastery: When you damage enemies with a Poison Trap or Death Trapa, you receive a Critical Strike Chance buff against Vulnerable and Crowd Controlled enemies.
  • Death Trap: Puts a trap on the ground that deals damage to all enemies inside its area.
  • Aftermath: Using your Ultimate skill regenerates Energy.
  • Adrenaline Rush: The quantity of Energy you restore when moving is increased.
  • Impetus: Moving increases your next attack damage.
  • Haste: It gives you either Movement Speed buff or Attack Speed buff, depending on how much Energy you have.
  • Rain of Arrows: This skill is an area-of-effect attack that damages enemies with arrows that rain down over an area.

Key Passives Node

  • Momentum: With this skill, all your Cutthroat skills grant you a stack of Momentum which gives your character a Damage Reduction, Energy Regeneration, and Movement Speed buffs.
  • Close Quarters Combat: This passive gives you Attack Speed bonus when damaging Close enemies with Marksman or Cutthroat skills.
  • Precision: Landing Critical Strikes with a Marksman skill gives you Precision which increases your Critical Strike Damage per stack.
  • Victimize: You have a chance of creating explosions when you deal direct damage to Vulnerable enemies.
  • Exposure: This passive skill adds the chance of reducing Trap Skills cooldown and dropping Stun Grenades whenever you deal direct damage to enemies affected by one of your Trap skills.

Diablo 4 Necromancer skill tree explained

Below you’ll find the Necromancer skill tree in Diablo 4:

Basic Node

  • Reap: This is a frontal attack that damages enemies and increases your Damage Reduction.
  • Decompose: Attacks enemies and form Corpses which you can use to summon Minions.
  • Hemorrhage: Deals damage to an enemy while it also has the chance of forming a Blood Orb.
  • Bone Splinters: Shoot bones at enemies that damage them and you might gain Essence by doing so.

Core Node

  • Blood Lance: By using this skill, you throw a blood lance at enemies dealing damage to them.
  • Blood Surge: This attack draws blood from enemies, damaging them and having the chance to create a blood nova that deals more damage to enemies.
  • Blight: You shoot a mass of blight that damages enemies and affects the area around them, dealing damage over time.
  • Sever: A frontal attack that after hitting enemies returns to you but now causing less damage.
  • Bone Spear: A bone spear is conjured from the ground, piercing enemies.
  • Unliving Energy: This passive increases your Maximum Essence.
  • Imperfectly Balanced: By having this skill unlocked, you deal more damage with your Core Skills, but they also cost more Essence.
  • Hewed Flesh: There is a chance of creating a Corpse when you damage enemies if you land a Lucky Hit.

Corpse and Macabre Node

  • Blood Mist: You turn into a bloody mist that is Immune and has your Movement Speed reduced. You deal damage to enemies and heal based on your Maximum Life.
  • Bone Prison: Surrounds a target with bones for a period of time.
  • Corpse Explosion: You explode the Corpses on the ground to cause damage to enemies surrounding it.
  • Spiked Armor: Gives your Thorns.
  • Skeletal Warrior Mastery: This skill increases the damage and life of your Skeletal Warriors.
  • Grim Harvest: With this skill, whenever you consume a corpse, you generate Essence.
  • Fueled by Death: When you consume a corpse, you receive a damage buff.
The Necromancer fights alogside their Minions.
Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment/Eurogamer

Curse Node

  • Iron Maiden: Enemies affected by this skill take damage when they hit you.
  • Decrepify: By using this skill, you creates an area where enemies get Slowed and deal less damage while inside of it.
  • Death’s Embrace: This passive increases the damage Close enemies take from you and reduces the damage the deal to you.
  • Amplify Damage: With this passive, you deal more damage to Cursed enemies.
  • Death’s Reach: Distant enemies take more damage if you have this skill unlocked.
  • Skeletal Mage Mastery: Having this skill will increase the damage and Life of your Skeletal Mages.

Corpse & Macabre Node

  • Corpse Tendrils: By activating this skill, enemies are pulled to a position where they are Stunned and take damage.
  • Bone Spirit: Using all your Essence, you conjure a spirit that seeks enemies and explode dealing damage to the target and other enemies close to it.
  • Gruesome Mending: This passive increases the Healing you receive.
  • Transfusion: Your minions can get healed by your Blood Orbs.
  • Coalesced Blood: With this passive, your Blood Skills receive a damage buff when you’re Healthy.
  • Tides of Blood: Blood Skills deal more Overpower Damage and this buff is doubled if you’re Healthy.
  • Drain Vitality: This passive gives you the chance, when you land a Lucky Hit, to get Fortify when you hit enemies with Blood Skills.
  • Reaper’s Pursuit: You receive a Movement Speed buff after damaging enemies with Darkness skills.
  • Gloom: Damaging enemies with Darkness Skills increase the damage they take from you and your Minions.
  • Crippling Darkness: With this passive, Darkness Skills have the chance to Stun enemies.
  • Terror: By having this passive, your Darkness Skills deal more damage to enemies who are Slowed, Stunned, or Immobilized. These effect can stack.
  • Serration: It increases the Critical Strike Chance of your Bone Skills based on how much Essence you have upon casting it.
  • Compound Fracture: You receive a damage buss after Critically Striking enemies with Bone Skills.
  • Rapid Ossification: The Cooldown of your Bone Skills are reduced based on how much Essence you spent.
  • Evulsion: Bone skills deal more Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable enemies.

Ultimate Node

  • Blood Wave: By casting it, you create a wave of blood that damage enemies and knock them back.
  • Army of the Dead: This attack invokes Skeletons that explode around enemies.
  • Bone Storm: You and your Golem are surrounded by a storm of bones that deal damage to enemies.
  • Golem Mastery: This skill increases the damage and Life of your Golem.
  • Inspiring Leader: If you have been Healthy for some time, you and your Minions receive an Attack Speed buff.
  • Bonded in Essence: With this passive, your Skeletal Priest will heal your other Minions.
  • Death’s Defense: This passive prevents your Minions to lose more than a certain percentage of their Maximum Life from a single damage source.
  • Hellbent Commander: By staying close to your Minion, you increase their damage output.
  • Stand Alone: By having this passive, you gain more Damage Reduction based on how many active Minions you have.
  • Memento Mori: It increases the bonuses received by sacrificing both Skeletal Warrior and Mages.

Key Passives Node

  • Kalan’s Edict: This passive skill increases your Minions’ Attack Speed if you stay some time without taking damage. This bonus can be doubled depending on how many Minions you have.
  • Shadowblight: Shadow damage applies Shadowblight. You and your minion deal more damage to enemies with this status.
  • Rathma’s Vigor: This passive not only increases your Maximum Life but guarantee that, after you’ve been Healthy for some time, your next Blood Skill is Overpowered.
  • Ossified Essence: Your Bone Skills damage increases based on a certain amount of Essence that you have when you cast the skill.

Enjoy your time playing Diablo 4!

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