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Diablo 4 Scosglen Altar of Lilith locations

Where to find and the stat bonuses they provide

There are 38 Altars of Lilith to find and claim in the Scosglen region of Diablo 4.

Altars of Lilith provide a small stat bump when claimed and each of Diablo 4’s regions have many to find.

In this guide, we’ll give you a look at the Scosglen Altar of Lilith locations at a glance, before diving into the specific Scosglen Altar of Lilith locations per zone and stat bumps they each provide.

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Scosglen Altar of Lilith locations by zone:

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Scosglen Altar of Lilith locations in Diablo 4 at a glance

An 'Altar of Lilith' is a statue you can interact with to receive a small stat boost, and these are scattered throughout each of Diablo 4’s regions.

Here’s what the 'Altar of Lilith' icon looks like on the map once claimed.

The stat boost provided differs between each statue and is a permanent boost given to the stats of all characters you have saved on the same realm – though you can still find them per character if you wish, as they contribute 10 points towards your Renown for the region it's found within.

The stat boost given is an additional +2 points added to your main core stats: Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, and Dexterity.

These Altars don't show up on your map until you've found them, but can be identified in the world by their glowing red lights.

When claiming an Altar, you’ll see a popup as seen below that’ll denote what boost that statue provided – there’s no way to check this again later though, so keep a keen eye on the left side of the screen if you’re curious as to the boost provided.

The popup that appears on the left side of the screen after claiming an Altar of Lilith.

In this guide, we’re focusing on the Scosglen region, and you can see an overview of the locations for all 34 Altars of Lilith via the map below:

If you need to check your progress as to how many you’ve found in all visited regions, you can do so via the Renown screen accessible by using the 'View Rewards' prompt at the top right of the map screen, next to the checklist of your current region.

All Scosglen Altar of Lilith locations in Diablo 4

You enter Scosglen officially as part of the 'An Unforeseen Visit' campaign quest. Though you can technically go to this region at any point, when just starting out, enemies will be of a higher level, and so you might want to wait until you're further into the story or just generally a higher level before fully committing to this search.

The Altars of Lilith found within Scosglen are located within the various zones of the region, and each zone has several to find.

Some of these Altars are more hidden than others, but below we have an ordered list, starting with the 'Westering Lowlands' zone you'll visit as part of Act 2's opening quest.

Keep in mind that three Altars are located within each of the three Strongholds in Scosglen, whilst another requires you to progress to a later point in Act 2 to access an area that holds one of these Altars – you are free to come back at any time in the game to collect any of these though and we'll explain the specifics of each further in.

Westering Lowlands

Laglend Fen (+2 Willpower)

Along the far left path from when exiting the village whereby Act 2’s questline begins at the lower left of Westering Lowlands - you'll pass through this village when entering Scosglen from Sarkova Pass in the Fractured Peaks.

The Witan Wolds (+2 Dexterity)

North and slightly west from Firebreak Manor - a waypoint for the manor is unlocked during Act 2, and can be seen in the lower right of the map image - up a hill off to the right of the main path leading through the nearby open field area.

Outlaws Grove (+2 Willpower)

In the far left corner of the Westering Lowlands, bordering an area of the Dry Steppes, found along the path that leads into the lower parts of the Deep Forest area.

Deep Forest

The Ancients' Woods 1 (+2 Dexterity)

In the far left corner of the Deep Forest zone, this Altar is hidden down a small offshoot to a lower level, down a rocky pathwway.

The Ancients' Woods 2 (+2 Intelligence)

Close to the right pathway connecting to the Westering Lowlands below it, this Altar is up on a hill, hidden amongst some rocks. You can find the pathway if crossing the open field area found near The Witan Wolds Altar - its icon can be seen in the lower right of the map image above.

The Ancients' Woods 3 (+2 Dexterity)

In the top right corner of Deep Forest, down a short path overlooking the Túr Dúlra Stronghold - a path leading into the Northshore zone is just to the right of this Altar's location.

Túr Dúlra (Stronghold)

Túr Dúlra (+2 Intelligence)

Reached from the Deep Forest zone, this Altar is found inside the Túr Dúlra Stronghold zone, on a small platform on the east side – a small gap has to be jumped to reach this statue. Whilst you don’t have to complete this Stronghold to reach this Altar, the enemies within are of a higher level – and will always be at least 2 higher than your current level on World Tier 2 – so you’ll have to either take some of them out, or move fast and dodge past them.


Writhing Brook (+2 Dexterity)

South and slightly east below the 'Marowen' waypoint - seen just above this Altar on the map - located under some large, overhanging trees, near the left pathway from the 'Deep Forest' area.

The Old Mine Works (+2 Intelligence)

Just slightly south-west from the 'Calibel’s Mine' dungeon – the icon for this dungeon is just behind the right side of the 'Altar of Lilith (Claimed)' pop-up that can be seen in the image of the map.

The Cursed Scarps (+2 Dexterity)

Just below to the right of the Hope's Light area of islands jutting out of the top of Scosglen – this Altar is along the coast, near some shipwrecks.

Stormbreak Cove (+2 Strength)

Found along the coastline, in the lower right corner, just slightly northeast of the 'Sunken Ruins' dungeon.

Hope's Light (Stronghold)

The Cursed Bay, Hope's Light (+2 Strength)

This Stronghold requires some progress within to reach the Altar. After activating the second winch, a path will open up for you to climb across to the right - there’ll be some enemies here, and at the other end, the Altar of Lilith.

Wailing Hills

Ancestor Heights (+2 Intelligence)

Located north of the Penitent Cairns dungeon, near the very top of Wailing Hills, down the hill from the area's highest point.

This Altar requires Act 2 story progress – as such, potential spoilers ahead – and is the only Altar of all 34 in Scosglen that requires you to reach a certain point in the campaign.

After progressing the Act 2 quest 'The Knife Twists Again' far enough and exiting from the underground areas with Yorin, you’ll shortly after be given an objective that requires you to 'Find and destroy the Risen Remains'. It’s from here you’ll be able to reach this Altar at any future point.

Wailing Coast (+2 Strength)

North-east of the Braestaig waypoint, directly north of the 'Domhainne Tunnels' dungeon – this dungeon icon can be seen at the very bottom of the map image.

Bronagh Expanse (+2 Willpower)

In the lower areas of Wailing Hills, found along a path that borders The Emerald Chase as it connects into the Wailing Hills zone, right next to the 'Raethwind Wilds' dungeon as seen on the map image above.

The Emerald Chase

Old Forest Clearing (+2 Dexterity)

Surrounded by trees close to the far left corner of The Emerald Chase area, near the path leading into Northshore above it.

Shadow Wood (+2 Intelligence)

Up on a hill north-west of the Cerrigar waypoint – the blue icon for the waypoint can be seen in the lower right of the map image.

Greenglen Meadows (+2 Strength)

Hidden amongst some trees at the lowest point in The Emerald Chase.

The Downs

Wealaf Rise (+2 Dexterity)

Tucked away inside a small building on a hill, up a set of two climbable walls north up the connecting path to the 'Sarat’s Lair' dungeon.

The Unhallowed Pit (+2 Dexterity)

Along some spiral paths around the middle of The Downs region.

Wraithstead (+2 Strength)

Just slightly west of the 'Oldstones' dungeon, go past the crawl-under space leading into the ruined building and at the next turning right, this Altar is hidden around the back.


Torvstrath (+2 Willpower)

Hidden away inside a small hut with an open door on the lower left side of Strand, slightly northwest of the 'Luban’s Rest' dungeon, and southwest from the Corbach waypoint.

Razor Shoals (+2 Strength)

In a small alcove, near the coast at the top of the zone, just to the right of Caen Adar.

Fiabre (+2 Willpower)

Atop the hill, in the upper right corner of the Strand zone, close to the border of the Moordaine Lodge Stronghold.

Moordaine Lodge (Stronghold)

Moordaine Lodge (+2 Willpower)

After entering the Moordaine Lodge area, follow the path around to the left and there’ll be a small gap to crawl under along the left wall.

The Shrouded Moors

Loch Raeth (+2 Strength)

Just along the path left from the 'Tirmair' waypoint which can be seen just below it to the right in the map image above.

The Blood Vale (+2 Willpower)

The lowest of the three offshoots on the right within The Blood Vale holds this Altar.

The Daudur Peats (+2 Intelligence)

In an alcove down the path on your right as you enter from the farthest right entrance to The Shrouded Moors from the Highland Wilds.

Highland Wilds

The Withered Scrubs (+2 Strength)

Up the pathway to the left of the 'Whispering Pines' dungeon entrance that can be seen on the far right in the image above, the Altar is found at a cliff that overlooks a path leading into the The Shrouded Moors.

Dead Forest (+2 Strength)

Next to a river in the lower right corner of Scosglen – the 'Whispering Pines' dungeon can be seen on the map just to the left of it.

The Fells (+2 Willpower)

From the far right area within Highland Wilds - whereby the Whispering Pines dungeon is located - follow the lowest path along to the left, and just before reaching an open green area, you'll find this Altar in an alcove, next to a tree.

The Great Northern Plains (+2 Strength)

This Altar is in the far, lower left corner of the Highland Wilds, southwest from the 'Under the Fat Goose Inn' waypoint near the top of this zone.

Gloom Pine Pass (+2 Dexterity)

Facing the 'Under the Fat Goose Inn' waypoint, go east and follow the path to find the Altar hidden in some trees next to a blockage in a connecting river.

Maddux Hill (+2 Intelligence)

In the lower areas of Highland Wilds, next to a climbable wall that leads into Ard Lands – this is found on the second left after just entering from the Frigid Expanse in Fractured Peaks.

If you're looking to increase your Renown further, be sure to check out our Renown explainer with some further explanations of the system, or if you're wanting to learn the various ways to customise each of the classes in Diablo 4, check out our Skill Tree guide.

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