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How to find the clues in the lab in Friedmind in GTA Online

Search the lab to find out where Labrat is.

GTA Online, official Rockstar Newswire art for the Last Dose
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Finding the lab clues in the Friedmind Last Dose mission in GTA Online will get you one step closer to finding and rescuing Labrat. When you get to the marked floor of the Lab, you'll be instructed to find these clues before you can track down your stolen friend.

However, in true GTA Online fashion, you will be fighting off a bunch of people in white coats while you're searching for the clues. So, the faster you find them, the more likely it is you'll stay alive to pass the mission.

Without further ado, we're going to show you how to find the clues in the lab in Friedmind in GTA Online.

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How to find the clues in the lab in Friedmind in GTA Online

After you enter the lab, you need sneak past (or shoot) the guards and head up to the stairs on the right. Then, when you reach the top of the stairs you will encounter more guards. How you deal with them is up to you, we used the run and gun approach.

Once you've dealt with them, you'll enter the lab itself which is filled with guards and lab technicians. The technicians are usually cowering on the floor, so they won't pose you any threat. The guards on the other hand, you will need to take out because they will try to take you down.

There are a total of two clues for you to find in the lab in Friedmind.

First Clue location

The first clue in the lab is in the room directly across from you when you enter the room.

GTA Online, the keys in the lab in the Friedmind mission have been circled

Head into this room, being mindful of the guards coming at you from each side. Then, head to the very back wall of this room and the clue marker should appear on your minimap as a key.

The keys are sat on a table against the back wall, pick them up and then head back to the main doorway. More 'whitecoats' will appear as you do this, so be ready to take them down before searching for the next clue.

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Second Clue location

Head back to the main doors you entered the large lab area from, and then look to your right. There should be another small room there.

Head into this room and over to the table near the door, the clue blip should appear on your map. The clue itself is a piece of paper on the table on this desk.

GTA Online, the clipboard in the lab in the Friedmind mission has been circled

Now that you've found all of the clues, follow the mission marker and head down to the basement. You'll find a lot more than you bargained for...

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