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Horizon Forbidden West Salvage Contracts: How to complete the Larend, Runda, Handa and Danur Salvage Contracts explained

Scrapheap challenge.

Salvage Contracts in Horizon: Forbidden West are side quests given to you by the various salvagers Aloy meets during her adventure.

Aside from Keruf, there are four salvagers you'll need to visit across the Forbidden West - Larend, Runda, Handa and Danur - and each one has a set of quests for you to complete.

Beginning with Keruf's Salvage Unlimited, completing all of the Salvager Contracts will grant you the best armor in Horizon: Forbidden West.

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Keruf's Salvage Unlimited in Horizon Forbidden West explained

When entering Barren Light for the first time in Horizon: Forbidden West, you will run into Keruf and some of his guards right at the entrance. He will tell you about his scrap and salvage business in the Forbidden West and will ask for your help in getting the gates opened so he can return to his main camp. He will ask you to come and visit the camp once you're in No Man's Land.

In order to start these Salvage Contracts, you will need to complete the Main Quest, The Embassy. This will give you full access to No Man's Land and the first Salvager you need to speak to, Larend.

To complete Keruf's Salvage Unlimited you will need to complete the following tasks:

  • Talk to the Lead Salvager
  • Fulfill Larend's Contracts
  • Go to the Oseram Salvage Camp
  • Talk to the Lead Salvager
  • Fulfill Runda's Contracts
  • Talk to the Lead Salvager
  • Fulfill Handa's Contracts
  • Find Other Salvage Camps
  • Fulfill Danur's Contracts
  • Talk to Keruf

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Larend Salvage Contracts in No Man's Land for Horizon Forbidden West explained

Larend is the first Salvager you meet in No Man's Land and he is located just beyond the gates of Barren Light, off the main trail in Horizon: Forbidden West. He is one of Keruf's salvagers and is participating in the major armor competition held by Keruf.

If he can craft the best armor in the West, then he can bring in a lot of shards. But he needs your help with four contracts. Once you complete them, he will have all the parts he needs to construct his armor.

Here are Larend's four salvage contracts:

  • Convoy Ambush
  • Scavengers
  • Alarm Antennas
  • Elusive Fanghorn

Convoy Ambush

82000 XP
1 Coil Shock +7%
40 Metal Shards

In Convoy Ambush, you must ambush a Shell-Walker Convoy out in the desert in order to obtain plating from a Shell-Walker Crate. Larend will have traps and a shelter prepared for you. Once you are there, set up some additional traps and let time pass.

In the evening, the convoy will appear. Defeat the machines and loot the Shell-Walker. Return to Larend with the plating he needs.


82000 XP
1 Apex Widemaw Heart
40 Metal Shards

In Scavengers, Larend believes that Scrapper Jaws will be an excellent addition to his armor. You will need to go to a Charger site south of Chainscrape and kill a few of the machines there. This will lure in the Scrappers you need. Kill the Scrappers and loot 3 Scrapper Jaws. Return to Larend with the jaws.

Alarm Antennas

82000 XP
1 Coil Fire +7%
40 Metal Shards

In Alarm Antennas, Larend needs you to go to a Scrounger site to the southeast of Barren Light. Once you are there, kill the Scroungers and loot 3 Scrounger Alarm Antennas. Return to Larend with the parts he needs.

Elusive Fanghorn

102500 XP
2 Skill Points
1 Impact Spike Thrower
60 Metal Shards

For this contract, you will need to go to the riverbank south of Larend's camp and look for a Fanghorn. Search for the Fanghorn tracks, and when you find them, highlight and follow them. You will not be able to catch the Fanghorn on foot, so you will need a mount to chase after the machine. Kill the Fanghorn and take the salvage back to Larend.

Now that Larend has all the parts he needs, he can now craft his armor.

Runda Salvage Contracts in The Stillsands for Horizon Forbidden West explained

Runda is the Salvager you meet when you go to the Oseram Salvage Camp in The Stillsands, west of Hidden Ember in Horizon: Forbidden West. Her people will be in a bit of trouble and she will need your help in collecting items that they lost during their expedition. She will also need your help in getting materials for her armor.

Runda will have four contracts to complete:

  • Lost Supplies
  • Pristine Bellowback
  • Missing Gear
  • Rollerback Salvage

Lost Supplies

153750 XP
1 Apex Bellowback Heart
75 Metal Shards

For this contract, Runda asks Aloy to find their lost supplies that have been scattered out in the desert. To find the supplies, you will need to override a Bristleback.

Follow the markers to the different supply locations and let the Bristleback dig around. Collect the supplies and return to Runda.

Pristine Bellowback

184500 XP
1 Coil Instant Corroding Chance +4%
75 Metal Shards

For this contract, Runda needs a Bellowback's Cargo Sac, so that her people can set up a defensive perimeter around their camp. You will need to go to a nearby Bellowback site and kill a Bellowback, leaving its Cargo Sac intact. Bring the Sac back to Runda.

Missing Gear

205000 XP
1 Shell-Walker Lighting Gun
75 Metal Shards

Runda asks Aloy for help in retrieving their missing gear. The gear location will be west of Camp Nowhere.

Get there and look for a broken-down cart in the sand. Investigate the cart and the nearby debris, then highlight and follow the machine tracks to a Sunwing nest. The missing gear will be a scrap pile. You can either quietly loot the pile or fight the Sunwing. Return the missing gear to Runda.

Rollerback Salvage

266500 XP
2 Skill Points
1 Sunshot Hunter Bow
75 Metal Shards

With her camp having everything they need, Runda asks Aloy to help her recover the Rollerback salvage she needs to complete her armor. The Rollerback location will be southwest of Hidden Ember near the mountains.

When you arrive at the salvage site, a Shellsnapper will come out from the sand. Defeat it and then loot the 5 pieces of salvage you need. Return to Runda with what you find.

Now that he has everything she needs to make the armor, Runda gets to work.

Handa Salvage Contracts in The Greenswell for Horizon Forbidden West explained

Handa is the Salvager you meet north or Bleeding Mark in Horizon: Forbidden West. She has a well-established camp where she is forging her armor for Keruf's competition. She will need your help in collecting some materials.

Handa will have five contracts to complete:

  • Ancient Relics
  • Property Retrieval
  • Plowhorns and Plants
  • Ravager Cannon
  • Speedy Lancehorns

Ancient Relics

102500 XP
2 Anicent Sculpture
50 Metal Shards

For this contract, you will travel to two machine graveyards to look for machine parts. One location will be north of Handa's camp and the other will be south.

Search the Old World vehicles including tanks and cars and pry open doors, trunks, and hoods to find seven Ancient Relics.

Property Retrieval

153750 XP
1 Apex Rollerback Heart
50 Metal Shards

Runda will ask you to look for rogue Salvagers who stole the treasure map that Handa needs so that she can finish the armor. The location of their camp will be northwest of Bleeding Mark.

When you arrive you will find an empty camp. Search and highlight the tracks and follow them.

The highlighted path will become erratic, due to the Snapmaws in the area, and then you will find the bodies of the rogue Salvagers. Search the bodies to retrieve the map, then follow the map to the Ancient Ruins. To get into the ruins, you will need to climb the tall tower next to it and glide onto the roof. Take the salvage back to Handa.

Plowhorns and Plants

153750 XP
1 Coil Draw Speed +15%
50 Metal Shards

Handa needs help collecting Plowhorn salvage for her armor. She points you to a Plowhorn site just northeast of her camp. Along the way, she wants you to collect medicinal berries so she can concoct a special Utaru drink. Collecting the berries is optional At the Plowhorn site, kill two Plowhorns and loot them. Take the salvage back to Handa.

Ravager Cannon

205000 XP
1 Component Tear +15%
50 Metal Shards

Handa needs an intact Ravager Cannon for her armor and asks Aloy to secure one for her. The Ravager site will be northwest of Bleeding Mark, in almost the same area of the Property Retrieval contract.

Detach the cannon from the Ravager and then kill the Ravagers. Take the cannon to the drop-off point and Handa's people will pick it up. Return to Handa.

Speedy Lancehorns

205000 XP
2 Skill Points
1 Punching Boltblaster
50 Metal Shards

To finish her armor, Handa needs Lancehorn salvage. She points you to an area southwest of her camp to find the Lancehorns.

You will not be able to catch these Lacehorns on foot so you will need to be mounted to kill the Lancehorns. Once the last Lancehorn is defeated, loot them and take the salvage back to Handa.

When you return back to her camp, they will be under attack by machines. Defeat the machines and talk to Handa. She will thank you for your help and will get started on making her armor.

Danur Salvage Contracts in Raintrace for Horizon: Forbidden West explained

Danur is the Salvager you meet in the Raintrace when seeking out other salvage camps in Horizon: Forbidden West. His camp will be located southwest of Fall's Edge and east of Thornmarsh.

When you first encounter Danur, he and his team will be fighting off Stalkers trying to attack his camp. Help them out and then talk to Danur. He will need help securing his camp and looking for salvage to help him build his armor.

Danur will have four contracts to complete:

  • Mine Launchers
  • Colleague and Key
  • Underwater Salvage
  • Reinforce Components

Mine Launchers

307500 XP
1 Stormbird Cannon
300 Metal Shards

Danur needs Stalker Mine Launchers to help secure his camp. If you looted the Stalkers after defeating them then you will already have these Mine Launchers to give to him. If not, head back to the downed Stalkers and loot them.

Colleague and Key

307500 XP
1 Coil Critical Hit Chance +15%
300 Metal Shards

Warend, the leader of this camp, went missing after helping defend the camp against a Thunderjaw. Danur needs to find Warend's key, so they can open up a locked trunk that contains information about an armor build. Danur asks you to look for Warend and recover his key.

Go to Warend's last location southwest of the camp and scan the tracks there. Follow the tracks to the downed Thunderjaw and Warend's body. The key will not be on him.

Investigate the area with the Focus and defeat the Clamberjaws that come down from the mountain. Climb the cliff near the waterfall to find the scrap pile that contains the key. Bring it back to Danur.

Underwater Salvage

256250 XP
1 Skill Point
1 Apex Thunderjaw Heart
350 Metal Shards

Danur can't complete the armor without Warend's sunken salvage. He asks you to travel to the ancient ruins north of Thornmarsh to retrieve underwater salvage.

Go into the ocean north of Thiornmarsh and dive next to the ruins there. The salvage will be located in sunken vehicles. You will need to pry open doors and trunks to get the pieces. Use the Focus to pinpoint the salvage locations.

There will be Snapmaws swimming around the salvage, but they can be avoided. One piece of salvage will be located in a smaller ruin. You will need to squeeze through the crack in the ruin to get to it.

When you return to Danur's camp, they will be under attack by Tenakth rebels. Defeat the rebels and then talk to Danur.

Reinforced Components

307500 XP
1 Skill Point
1 Vindicator Spike Thrower
350 Metal Shards

Danur needs Behemoth parts reinforced by Spikesnouts to complete his armor. He needs you to go to a Behemoth site located along the ocean southwest of Thornmarsh beyond the mountains.

Once you are there, you can damage the Behemoth a little. This will trigger the Spikesnouts to reinforce it. As soon as the Behemoth is reinforced, defeat it along with the Spikesnouts. Loot the Behemoth and return to Danur.

Now that Danur has all the parts he needs, he can begin constructing his armor.

Once you've completed all of the salvage contracts for all four salvagers, you can now get the Oseram Artificer Outfit - the best armor in Horizon: Forbidden West!

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