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Home gets Godfather space, user t-shirts

Former in US, latter in Europe.

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EA takes its first steps into PlayStation Home today, with the American launch of a Godfather II space, according to the US PlayStation Blog.

The space celebrates the release of the slightly ropey crime sequel, and features a Texas Hold 'Em poker table.

There will also be some additions to Capcom's Resident Evil 5 space: a new mini-game quest, souvenir shop and costumes.

According to an official post on the European Home forums, the Resi 5 update is currently being localised for Europe, while the Godfather II and Guitar Hero spaces are still going through regional approval processes.

Localisation is also under way for the Warhawk, SOCOM and Uncharted spaces that launched in the US some time ago.

European Home users, however, do get something their American counterparts don't. T-shirt company MySoti is launching its range in Home - including the best of its community-designed shirts.

If you have a t-shirt design burning a hole in your brain, you can submit it to MySoti and stand a chance of it appearing for sale in the virtual as well as the real world. Plus, you'll get a share of the profits.

Only designs voted as Most Wanted will be included, and the service will only be available in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

Much more at the PlatStation Home gamepage.

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