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Hitman 3 has a Monkey Island Easter egg


A recent update for Hitman 3 added the tropical Ambrose Island map to the game. This map has a piratical theme, and so it is only fitting that Guybrush Threepwood from the Monkey Island series makes a showing on its shores.

Please note that there will be some spoilers for Hitman 3's Ambrose Island map below.

Ambrose Island location reveal trailer.Watch on YouTube

If you venture down from the Western Beach on Ambrose Island, you will come across a small nook in the coastline. Here, there is a gravestone set into the side of the cliff face.

It may seem rather ordinary at first glance, but if you whip out 47's camera and take a closer look at the gravestone you will see it reads "G Threepwood, Mighty Pirate" with a little skull and crossbones adorning it. This is, of course, a nod to the hero of the Monkey Island point-and-click adventure games.

The Easter egg doesn't just end there, however.

Find yourself a torch, light four braziers across Ambrose Island, and you will be rewarded with a treasure chest (make sure you find a shovel for digging) from Threepwood's grave.

The first of these four braziers can be found next to the gravestone itself. From there, one is through the military base cave with the satellite control unit (head out through the stone archway) on top of the cliff face overlooking the sea, one is in the ruined fort overlooking the bay and one is over the rope bridge within the grassy area.

Light all four and on your return to Threepwood's gravesite you will be given the prompt to dig. Do this, and be rewarded for your efforts with some pirate booty.

Here's Outside Xbox's Andy and Jane giving this treasure hunt a go for themselves.

What are the 10 letters of the pirate alphabet? Aye, Aye, Arrrrgh, and the seven seas!Watch on YouTube

Meanwhile, the next game in the Monkey Island series is set to release later this year.

Recent gameplay footage for this game, which is aptly called Return to Monkey Island, introduced us all to new character Judge Plank and a far from tropical setting.

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