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Here's where to buy the Meta Quest Pro

Where to get the latest VR headset from Meta in the UK and US.

Meta continues to expand their range of VR systems, and their latest-high end headset the Quest Pro was released on the 25th October 2022.

After the price rise of the Meta Quest 2, and warnings from Meta themselves, we were expecting the Quest Pro to be an expensive item and it certainly fits the bill with the £1,499/$1,499 price tag it has launched with.

That's almost four times as much as the Quest 2, but is more in line with the £1,299/$1,399 price of the Vive Pro 2 that it aims to compete with. Unlike the Quest 2, the Quest Pro is designed with work and creative uses in mind (and the metaverse) rather than gaming, with much better hardware specs.

For that £1,500/$1,500 price you'll get a system with three cameras, with real-time expression tracking, 10x VR/MR sensors, a SnapDragon XR2+ CPU, 256GB of storage, and 12GB RAM. You also get some accessories like a charging dock, stylus tips, partial light blockers for the headset, and of course two self-tracking Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers.

If you are looking to incorporate VR into your work or creative pursuits, or you're ready to fully integrate into the Metaverse, then you can purchase the Quest Pro for £1,499/$1,499 from these retailers in the UK and US:

Where to buy the Meta Quest Pro



If you're wanting to get a VR headset to play VR games on, we wouldn't recommend the Quest Pro. You can play games on it, but that's not its primary function, and you'd instead be better off getting the Meta Quest 2 or waiting for the Meta Quest 3.

We'll post updates on any Meta Quest 3 announcements when we see them on the Jelly Deals Twitter account, as well as any deals we spot on other VR headsets. Black Friday is also coming up in a few weeks and we have a Black Friday VR deals hub to help you find the best deals on headsets and games.