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Here's Sony's zombie game H1Z1 in action

It's knife to see you.

Now where have I seen this kind of thing before...

Sony Online Entertainment's H1Z1 zombie MMO sure reminds me of something else.

This pre-alpha footage shows a zombie apocalypse survivor using his wits and a gun to survive zombies and other survivors. There are knives, there are bullets, there are none-too-smart zombies. And there's a wee bit of backstabbing - well, face slashing, really.

H1Z1 is a PC and PS4 game. It differs from DayZ in that it's focused more on building your own tows and settlements - bases - and defending them.

It's coming to PC first and is "very close" to launching on Steam Early Access. It's coming to PS4 later. Polygon reported that it'll cost $20.

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