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Here's a VFX breakdown reel for Paramount's Halo TV adaption

Cortana in the act.

PIXOMONDO, the VFX team behind the special effects for the first season of Paramount's Halo TV adaptation, has released a new reel showing off its work behind the scenes.

Included in this reel are clips of Jen Taylor mocapping her character of Cortana, as well as the evolution of the series' many digital environments. Taylor has famously voiced the role of Cortana throughout the Halo games, making her inclusion in the show a pretty special one for fans.

It is an interesting watch and, for those in the UK, one of our best looks at the show yet. You can check it out for yourself below.

Take a closer look at the VFX for Halo season one.Watch on YouTube

The show's executive producer Kiki Wolfkill has previously stated that the series is a standalone story that takes place within its own "Silver Timeline". This is to say, it is not meant to be considered canon with the games. Rather it simply takes inspiration from the lore of the transmedia franchise.

Meanwhile, actor Pablo Schreiber, who stars as Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, caused quite a stir online when he not only revealed the Spartan's helmetless visage on the show, but also his pert buttocks.

Season two of Halo has already been given the green light, while season one will be available to stream in the UK "this summer" via Paramount Plus.

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