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Here's a decent look at Star Wars: Battlefront 2's single-player campaign

Stay on target.

Earlier this week, EA announced it had shut down Visceral Games and retooled the linear, story-driven Star Wars game it was working on in favour of "a broader experience".

Now, EA's released a new trailer that shows off the single-player campaign in Star Wars: Battlefront 2, the company's other big-budget Star Wars title.

The trailer revolves around Iden Versio, who is the leader of an Imperial Special Forces group known as Inferno Squad. We hear The Emperor talk, despite him being dead when Battlefront 2 begins, lots of concern, conflict and explosions. There's a glimpse at gameplay. Visually, it looks a treat, as does the rest of the Frostbite Engine-powered game.

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All of a sudden, Battlefront 2 looks like it'll have the last EA-developed Star Wars single-player story campaign for quite a while. EA's statement on the status of Visceral's Star Wars game revealed a plan to "give players a Star Wars adventure of greater depth and breadth to explore", which doesn't sound particularly story or single-player focused.

Perhaps Respawn's Star Wars game will have a single-player campaign. Maybe BioWare will end up making Knights of the Old Republic 3. There's always hope.

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