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Help save videogames from extinction

And choose which survive.

The newly-formed National Videogame Archive wants your help deciding which old videogames to save and present to future generations as historical and cultural landmarks.

This Save the Videogame campaign launches at Nottingham's GameCity Three festival, which takes place next week, from 30th October to 1st November.

Here, revellers will be invited to star in short video clips pledging support for their favourite games. Some developers have already done so on the Save the Videogame website, and a showreel of theirs and other industry pledges will be shown on the day.

Plus, there's loads of other stuff to do at GameCity, and it falls conveniently after the Eurogamer Expo.

The National Videogame Archive itself, formed in September, aims to collect any and all old game paraphernalia (as well as the games themselves), including box art, instruction manuals, fan art, walkthroughs, cosplay, superplay performances, speedruns, mods and more.

The NVA hopes we don't make the same mistakes that led to the loss of so many early examples of film, TV and music.

My name is Eurogamer, and I'm pledging my support to Save the Videogame.

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