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Helldivers 2 footage shows someone already using a playable mech

Bullet storm.

Helldivers 2 trailer screenshot showing mech with machine gun emerging from sandy haze
Image credit: Arrowhead

Gameplay footage of Helldivers 2 shows off in-game playable mechs - something that isn't currently available to users in the public version of the game.

We already knew these were on the way - the game's Report for Duty trailer (below) features mechs captioned "coming soon after launch", plus the first game featured mechs.

But now that server issues due to the game's popularity have been sorted, it seems developer Arrowhead Studios is finally moving on to more interesting improvements.

Helldivers 2 - Report for Duty Trailer | PS5 & PC GamesWatch on YouTube

Footage of playable mechs has been posted on reddit, shared by user fozzye18. It shows a player jumping into the back of a hulking vehicle and blowing the hell out of the surrounding environment.

Fozzye18 added in a comment this was from a random game, where the other player had access to new weapons including an energy RPG, a "meteorite that hits like the nuke", and a group of Helldivers you can call in for support.

Mechs… enjoy
byu/fozzye18 inHelldivers

It's unclear who this random player was, though commenters suspect it may be a member of the development team jumping in to test out features. After all, Arrowhead has a dungeon master to respond in real time to players.

"He was just showing me all the stuff he was pulling out of the files he had so I'm unsure if he was a hacker or a dev but he seemed super excited to show us," said fozzye18. "Until my game crashed from everything being loaded in and then I couldn't find his username again."

There's also another mech in the footage, which commenter VegetableWater4099 states is an EXO 48 whereas the mech shown in the trailer is an EXO 44. Perhaps this suggests multiple mechs will be available to use.

Helldivers 2 is PlayStation's biggest Steam launch ever and currently has an all-time concurrent player peak of 458,709 players, according to SteamDB.

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