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Halo Infinite co-op leaks reveal DMR weapon, Forge mode details

Finish the flight.

The long-awaited co-op flight test for Halo Infinite finally launched last Friday, several days later than expected, and brought glimpses at various features spotted by fans delving deep into the game's files.

This includes upcoming maps and weapons, as well as details of Infinite's Forge mode (thanks, LeaksInfinite/HaloDotAPI). Also, a mysterious object called the quantum translocator.

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First up, here's the fan-favourite and powerful DMR weapon, missing from Infinite until now.

Gameplay footage of Forge mode's nav mesh system has also surfaced. This tells your Spartan bots how to behave and navigate properly across parts of your custom landscape.

Here's a turret:

What does the quantum translocator item do? Fans aren't sure.

The co-op flight is available to those who have signed up to the Halo Insider program, but don't worry if you haven't - progress made won't carry over into the full game.

For everyone else, co-op mode will arrive in August.

If you missed it, last week a fan built and fired a Halo SPNKR rocket launcher in real-life, with mixed results.

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