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Halo Infinite co-op flight test still aiming to release this week

"We're eager to get this into your hands."

The co-op flight test for Halo Infinite is still due out this week, according to community manager Brian Jarrard.

Many players expected it to launch yesterday, 11th July, but it's still not live. It should still arrive this week, though.

"The team is still working on our upcoming Halo Infinite network co-op Insider flight build. While we always said our 'target was the week of July 11', many sites reported it simply as 'starting July 11.' Still hoping for this week, but it will not start today," tweeted Jarrard yesterday.

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"Flighting is fluid as the process entails discovering issues in initial rings and resolving them before expanding to a larger audience. A few issues were discovered in our current flight ring and the team is working to address.

"Apologies to folks who expected the flight today - we're eager to get this into your hands but we also want to ensure it's a positive and worthwhile flight experience. Still targeting this week but it's day by day as work continues. Ty for your patience and understanding."

The co-op flight is available to those who have signed up to the Halo Insider program, though as it's just a test progress won't carry over into the game.

Check out our Halo Infinite co-op guide for further details.

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