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Someone built a Halo SPNKR rocket launcher in real life

For all your Covenant-busting needs.

An engineer has built a real-life working SPNKR rocket launcher from Halo. Best of all, it also plays the Halo theme.

YouTuber Jairus of All is the person behind this engineering marvel, who in a nine-minute video explains how he got this thing to work (thanks, PC Gamer).

To add a cherry on top, Jairus handed over the launcher to "Master Chief" who fired it at a lake on the back of a Mongoose.

Cover image for YouTube videoReal Halo Rocket Launcher - AMAZING!

In the video, Jairus explains that he's been wanting to build it for over 15 years, with the current launcher based on Halo Infinite's design. The attention to detail is particularly noteworthy, like including the launcher's reload animations and sticking and closely as possible to the in-game dimensions.

Cover image for YouTube videoHalo Infinite Season 2: Are The Tech Issues Finally Fixed? PC, Xbox Series S/X Re-Tested!

Honestly, stop reading this at watch the video, not only will be you be in awe of this feat, but it's also reflection of Jarius'real passion for his projects.