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How to hack the keypad and find the warehouse clues in Unusual Suspects in GTA Online

Do some digging at Elysian Island to find out who your new enemies are.

gta online official newswire art for the last dose unusual suspects
Image credit: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games.

Hacking the keypad and finding the clues in the warehouse in Elysian Island in GTA Online is part of the Unusual Suspects mission in the Last Dose, which is part of the Drug Wars DLC. Someone has taken Labrat and you, alongside the rest of the Fooliganz, are on a mission to find out who.

After driving around to several different spots in GTA Online, mowing down enemies and threatening a few suspects, you'll eventually be directed to Elysian Island. Once you get there, the trail goes cold. It's down to you to find the warehouse, break into it, and figure out who has taken Labrat.

We're going to show you how to hack the keypad and find the Elysian Island warehouse clues for the Last Dose in GTA Online. We're also going to save you some time by showing you exactly where the warehouse is too.

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Elysian Island warehouse location in Unusual Suspects in GTA Online

When you get to the island, stop and open up your map. The warehouse on Elysian Island is on the left side of the map, and is in the middle of the long grey rectangle highlighted on the map below:

GTA Online, the Last Dose Unusual Suspects warehouse location on the map in Elysian Island.

If you're finding it difficult to locate the warehouse, drive slowly and keep an eye out for a 4x4 parked outside one of the closed shutters on the building. Stop when you see one as they are the marker for the warehouse.

The warehouse is also called 'Walker Logistics', so watch out for that sign above the doors.

Once you find the warehouse's location, your map blip will show two keypads and these will give you the exact entrance for the building. The only issue is, the building is in lockdown.

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How to hack the warehouse keypad in Unusual Suspects in GTA Online

Before you attempt to hack the Elysian Island warehouse keypads, we strongly advise that you take out any of the guards standing outside. It's much harder to break into a building while they're trying to take you down.

Once they're out of the way, head up to the keypad and interact with it. There are two keypads, one on either side of the warehouse. It does not matter which side you choose to hack and enter from, once the keypad is hacked both sides of the warehouse will open.

To hack the warehouse keypad on Elysian Island in Unusual Suspects, you will need to solve a puzzle by lining up the gaps in the white bars with the red line in the middle of the screen.

The trick to getting the timing right is to watch the bar you are on, and click your action button just before the gap hits the red bar. That way, by the time the game registers your click, it will have lined up.

GTA Online, the keypad hacking puzzle from the Unusual Suspects Last Dose mission

It may take a few attempts, but once you get all of the bars lined up you will have hacked the keypad.

Where to find all of the warehouse clues in Unusual Suspects in GTA Online

When you are in the warehouse, you will have a limited window to find some clues and send photos to Dax before the people in white coats come after you. There are five clues overall, and here's where to find them all.

Clue One

Head to the doorway closest to the water, and face inwards towards the warehouse. Then, look to your left. The clue is right against the back wall on a workbench. It's the keycard on the bench, not the box.

GTA Online keycard clue on bench unusual suspects mission

Clue Two

The next clue is to the right of the first one (it should also be marked as a small camera icon on your minimap). There will be a stack of crates, and the clue is the crate on the ground that's open.

gta online unusual suspects friedmind crate clue

Clue Three

The next clue is by the doors closest to the water. Stand by the doors and face into the warehouse. The clue is in front of the open doors on the ground, it's an open crate filled with weapons.

gta online unusual suspects warehouse clue three weapon crate

After you find the third clue, you may get some company. A few of the 'whitecoats' will enter the warehouse but the majority of them will stay by their cars outside. Take them out however you see fit, and continue hunting for clues. We found sticky bombs to be the most effective in taking care of the cars, and any old weapon works for the ones that get into the warehouse.

Clue Four

The fourth warehouse clue is by the doorway that is farthest from the water. Face the open doorway and then look to your right. There should be a noticeboard on the far wall, this is the next clue.

gta online unusual suspects warehouse clue four noticeboard

Clue Five

The fifth and final clue is near the entrance closest to the water. Stand inside the warehouse and face these doors, then look to your left. You should see a set of red drawers.

The clue is sitting on top of the set of red drawers near the car seat. The green arrow should appear above the exact item once you get closer.

gta online unusual suspects clue five

Grab the keycard and get off Elysian Island

After finding the final clue, Dax will instruct you to get out of there. Grab the keycard that you found as part of your first clue, get to your vehicle, and get off Elysian Island.

There will be a few 'whitecoats' around the warehouse, take care of them before trying to get to your car. We also had one hiding next to our car, so be careful.

gta online unusual suspects escaping elysian island
All you need to do is get off the island.

Once you get into your car, you may see some enemies following you on your minimap. All you have to do is keep driving without letting them catch up. Once you are off Elysian Island, the mission will mark as complete and they will disappear.

You are now one step closer to finding out who took Labrat and how you can get them back!