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Gran Turismo Anywhere out early Feb

Odd GT5 feature about to leave the garage.

Gran Turismo Anywhere, the curious feature that allows gamers to interact with a Gran Turismo 5 race from a PC, will launch in early February.

That's according to a tweet by series creator and Polyphony Digital boss Kazunori Yamauchi, spotted by GTPlanet.

Anywhere, or Remote Races, allows gamers to control B-Spec races on a PlayStation 3 from a PC or mobile device. You can issue basic commands such as 'enter the pits' or 'overtake'.

Your PS3 game will still need to be running, however, and there are only a limited list of commands. Also, it is thought the feature does not enable gamers to complete regular B-Spec races. The remote races are designed to put your drivers and cars against the drivers and cars of your friends. Drivers get experience – but it will not count for B-Spec rank.

GTPlanet speculates that the launch of Anywhere may mark the release of a new Gran Turismo 5 update.

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