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Gran Turismo 5 passes 6 million mark

Big numbers for Sony's big racer.

PlayStation 3 exclusive racer Gran Turismo 5 has throttled through the six million units shipped barrier, creator Polyphony Digital has announced.

In an updated series software title list (thanks, VG247), the Japanese studio confirmed Gran Turismo 5 had shipped 6.37 million units as of December 2010. Why, that doesn't even include the January sales.

Last we heard GT5 had shipped 5.5 million.

Most of the shipments were to Europe – a whopping 3.97 million. 1.58 million went out to the US, 600,000 to Japan and 230,000 to Asia.

An amazing 63.15 million Gran Turismo games have been shipped throughout the series' lifetime. Pretty popular, then.

The best-selling GT game is still, by a country mile, Gran Turismo 3, with 14.89 million shifted.