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Gran Turismo 5 DLC UK price confirmed

Get your wallet out.

Sony has confirmed UK prices for the hotly anticipated Gran Turismo 5 downloadable content.

The Course Pack, which includes two new tracks - SPA-Francorchamps (with weather effects) and Kart Space I/II (Normal and Reverse for each), costs £3.19.

The Racing Car Pack, which adds the evolution model of the X2010 ultimate racing machine, the Red Bull X2011, and a line-up of specially tuned touring cars, costs £6.29.

The Racing Gear Pack, which adds 90 outfit items, including helmets and suits of eight famous WRC and NASCAR drivers, a set of twelve helmets and suits, a Gran Turismo Official helmet, and new items from Alpinestars and Simpson, costs £1.59.

The Paint Pack, which adds 100 new colours according to ten different themes, costs £1.59.

And finally the Complete Pack, which bundles together the Racing Car Pack, Racing Gear Pack, Paint Pack, and Course Pack, costs £9.49.

The DLC, to be made available from 18th October in Europe, follows immediately in the wake of Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2.0, a free update that went live earlier this week.

It updates the physics, introduces a new, simplified cockpit view for standard cars and adds new photo modes among other things.

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