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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Grab a Nintendo Switch console for under £250

Amazon has reduced the Neon and Grey Switch consoles.

The Nintendo Switch console is currently under £250 at Amazon.

It's a small saving on the console but a saving none the less. The standard price of a Switch console these days is £259.99, so you'll be saving yourself a handy tenner with Amazon's latest offer and you have the choice of either the Neon or Grey version.

So whether you'vre buying for the first time, decided to upgrade from the Switch Lite so you can play your favourite Nintendo Switch games on a TV, or you already own a Nintendo Switch and maybe need a replacement or an extra one for another room (or if you don't want to share your Animal Crossing: New Horizon's island), this cheap Nintendo Switch deal is worth taking advantage of.

If you're looking for a Nintendo Switch bundle, or you're in the market for a Switch OLED or Switch Lite bundle, head on over to our best Nintendo Switch deals page where you can find all the latest discounts, including cheap Switch games and accessories.

Speaking of accessories, you'll probably want to expand your storage so you can store more games on your new Switch as it only comes with a 32GB internal memory. Amazon has discounted the 128GB Nintendo-licensed SD card to just £16.99 right now - well worth adding to your basket for that price.

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