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Gotham Knights TV show unrelated to Gotham Knights video game, developer says

Well owl be!

Two things named Gotham Knights are currently set to release over the coming year. One is a video game (coming in the latter half of 2022), and one is a TV show (coming early 2023), and both see a group rallying together to fight the crime in Gotham following Batman's demise.

However, despite sharing a name, an overarching concept and a pretty close launch window, these two have no relation to each other what's so ever. Huh.

Take a closer look at Gotham Knights' Red Hood and Nightwing in action.

"Message from the Belfry: the #GothamKnights game and the upcoming TV show of the same name are separate projects with no connection to one another," Batman Arkham Oranges developer Warner Bros. Montreal tweeted. "We can't wait for you to experience the action of our Gotham Knights soon."

So... I guess that clears that up, although why Warner Bros. thought it was a good idea to allow the use of the Gotham Knights name for two simultaneous projects is anyone's guess.

The game version of Gotham Knights is now only a matter of months away from its release (which, in case you missed it, is going to be exclusively on current gen consoles). As such, more and more snippets have been revealed ahead of its release, including the inspiration behind Red Hood's unexpected Mystic Leap ability.

Meanwhile, the game's development team has updated Barbara Gordon's description on the Gotham Knights website to better reflect her rehabilitation. This was following criticism from its community that felt Warner Bros. Montreal was falling into 'trope territory' by having a character 'overcome' their disability through heroic training and gritty determination.

And, most recently, it has been reported that the Russian version of Gotham Knights has been cancelled. This is allegedly due to the "political fallout from the Russian invasion of Ukraine".

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