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Gotham Knights Street Art locations and how to find 12 murals in Gotham City

Art collecting.

Street art decorates Gotham City and finding a selection of special murals is one of the Collectibles Challenges in Gotham Knights.

Finding these unique pieces of street art in Gotham Knights will see you travelling the length and breadth of Gotham City as you investigate the different districts.

Below we cover where to find all 12 street art locations in Gotham Knights, so you can complete your collection.

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Street Art locations:

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How to find street art in Gotham Knights

There are 12 pieces of street art to find in Gotham Knights for the Gotham City Street Art Collectibles Challenge.

When you find one, you need to use AR to scan the mural, which will both add it to your collection and provide you with some interesting information about the painting.

Helpfully, the street art will be outlined in yellow when you perform an AR scan. This means, if you’re within a short walking distance of some street art, you’ll see an orange rectangular outline, which can even appear through buildings.

Keep an eye out for orange rectangles.

It’s important to note that not all Gotham City districts contain a piece of street art. Thankfully, you can easily discover which ones do by checking the map; simply hover the cursor over a district and, in the bottom right-hand corner, a Collectibles checklist will appear.

If this list contains a spray can symbol, a piece of street art is hidden within the district and, once found, it will be ticked off! You can also use this list to keep track of whether you’ve found all of the Landmarks or Batarangs within a district.

The spray can will gain a green tick once you've found all of the street art in a district.

To keep track of how many pieces of street art you’ve found so far, you can visit the Collectibles section of the Challenges menu and scroll down until you reach 'Gotham City Street Art.'

All of the street art you’ve found, along with its backstory, can be viewed in the Collections section of the Database, which is a nice way to keep track of the Batman lore in Gotham Knights.

Bowery street art location in Gotham Knights

The Bowery contains one piece of street art for you to locate in Gotham Knights and, thankfully, it’s easy to find.

For this piece of street art, you need to head to the bridge which connects the Bowery to Bristol, but don’t go on the bridge. Instead, stop at the junction and look at the building on the right-side of the road leading to the bridge - here you’ll find the Lyceum Mural.

Bristol street art location in Gotham Knights

Bristol in Gotham Knights has one piece of street art for you to find and, unlike most of the street art, it’s not located along a stretch of road. Instead, you need to visit the courtyard area which sits in the middle of the tower blocks in the southern end of Bristol.

If you’re having trouble finding this location, look for a courtyard containing a basketball court, which is accessed by three sets of stairs. There, opposite the basketball nets, you’ll find the large mural entitled, See Us.

Cauldron street art locations in Gotham Knights

The Cauldron contains two pieces of street art for you to scan in Gotham Knights.

The Cauldron is rather mazelike, so, to find the first piece of street art, we recommend heading to the bridge leading south from Paris Island. Once there, you’ll want to jump over eastern side and this should land you directly in front of the art, entitled Faces of Gotham.

Jump off the southern bridge in The Cauldron to quickly reach this street art.

The second piece of street art, called Stolen Gotham, is located on the western side of The Cauldron’s upper level.

We recommend entering The Cauldron by travelling down Madison Street from the Financial District, because this route will take you directly past the mural. It will appear on your left-hand side on a building, which has high wire fences in front of it.

You'll see this mural by driving down Madison Street into The Cauldron.

Financial District street art location in Gotham Knights

There’s only one piece of street art located in Gotham City’s Financial District and it’s by far the easiest to find in Gotham Knights.

Simply exit The Belfry to begin a patrol and you’ll see the street art - entitled A Green Gotham - on the side of the building directly in front of you.

Now all you have to do is grapple over to the building and scan the art to add it to your collection.

Gotham Heights street art location in Gotham Knights

Gotham Heights contains one piece of street art in Gotham Knights.

The easiest way to find this street art is to enter Gotham Heights by using the bridge which connects it to the West End. Once you’ve crossed this bridge, take the first turn on your right and you’ll shortly find the mural on your left-hand side before the Floral Shop.

Old Gotham street art location in Gotham Knights

You can find one piece of street art in the Old Gotham district of Gotham Knights.

This is an easy mural to find, because it’s painted on a building east of Gotham City Cathedral. To be more accurate, it sits in the middle of Rosserie Street, directly in front of the junction for Crowne Avenue.

Otisburg street art location in Gotham Knights

Otisburg contains one piece of street art for you to find in Gotham Knights and, if you don’t know where it is, this mural can be quite hard to find. This is because Otisburg’s street art actually sits on the border between this district and Bowery, so you might not think to look there.

To find, you need to head north up Gardner Street, which is directly east of Wayne Tower, and stop beneath the only bridge of this road. Here, on the left-hand side, you’ll find the street art, entitled Origin of Evil.

Robinson Park street art location in Gotham Knights

Robinson Park contains one piece of street art for you to find in Gotham Knights.

It’s located within the tunnel which runs beneath Chambers Street, lying on the border between Robinson Park and Gotham Heights. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see a large painting of crab - the street art is, of course, called The March of Crabs.

If you’re having trouble finding this street art, head to the statute of a globe being held aloft by tentacles in Robinson Park. From there, you simply have to head west into the tunnel where the mural awaits.

Tricorner Island street art location in Gotham Knights

You can find one piece of street art on Tricorner Island of Gotham Knights.

The street art - called Gotham Piers - is painted on a building which sets between St. Adrian Avenue and Hawkins Avenue; how you find it, however, depends on whether you’re entering Tricorner Island from Old Gotham or Bowery.

If you’re coming from Old Gotham, then you’ll want to take the right-hand exit off the bridge. Once you’ve reached the road below, continue directly forward up a small flight of stairs and the art will be on the building to your left.

Go up the set of stairs to reach the street art.

If you’ve come from Bowery, however, then you’ll want to take the first exit on your left. At the bottom of this road, you’ll find the same set of stairs shown above on your left-hand side.

West End street art locations in Gotham Knights

There are two pieces of Street Art you can find in the West End of Gotham in Gotham Knights.

The first - Our Friend Joe - is the easiest to find as you’ll clearly see it by crossing the bridge linking the Financial district to the West End. As you reach the end of the bridge, you’ll see the mural painted on the side of a building above a nearby petrol station.

For the second piece of West End street art, you need to head just north-east of Our Friend Joe to where Grant Lane and Croydon Avenue meet. There, at ground level, you’ll find a rather creepy painting of a baby called Born This Way.

With that we’ve covered all of the Gotham City street art locations in Gotham Knights!

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