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God of War: Ascension bundle introduces white super duper slim PS3

And a yucky gold pad.

There's a white super duper slim PS3 on its way. Sorry, I mean Classic White.

It's part of a God of War: Ascension console bundle that would have benefited from a colour scheme.

Inside the big blue box, decorated with a golden image of Kratos in chains, you'll find: one gleaming white 500GB PS3; a gold and God of War-decorated PS3 pad; and a Special Edition version of the game, which comes in a black box.

Why not a white PS3 pad?

The Special Edition God of War: Ascension game comes in a Steelbook case and includes the soundtrack, a double-XP unlock for multiplayer and, hold on to your togas, a dynamic PS3 theme and a PS3 avatar.

I can't find any shops selling it yet, so I can't find a price.