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Get up to £40 off when you buy a refurbished console from Music Magpie

Including PS4 consoles.

You can often save yourself a bit by buying the latest tech that's been refurbished and checked. Music Magpie have been around for years and offer so many products, including gaming consoles, at discounted prices.

Not only does it save a bit of cash, but it can also stop the growing amount of e-waste. And when it comes to games consoles, by buying the outgoing models, you're often saving yourself a lot of time and money by securing a console that's no longer going to be manufactured and have access to hundreds of great games at low prices. For example, the PS4 can be purchased for £194.99, where you can still play games such as Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7 and God of War: Ragnarok. And the Xbox Series X is available for £429.99.

You get free delivery on everything from Music Magpie, but the main benefit of buying from the company compared with private sellers elsewhere is the 12 month warranty. This reduces the risk, and there's even a 14 day money back guarantee. With items like the PS4 no longer being produced, it's still going to be cheaper to buy a used console for which games are still being developed compared to the new PS5 hardware. The same goes for Xbox One consoles too, especially as most Game Pass titles are available for streaming.

Here are the best deals on consoles and tech during Music Magpie's Black Friday sale:

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