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Get this 512GB Samsung micro SD for less than £40 from Amazon today

For all your gaming and camera needs.

There's a reason why so many storage drives are made by Samsung, and it's because the Korean giant is known for making high quality, reliable storage solutions.

For gamers and everyday consumers, we're mostly dealing with memory cards, and this 512GB micro SD card from Samsung is currently just £37.99 from Amazon today. This is nearly 40 per cent off the usual selling price. And there's a similar generous discount over at Amazon US for our American readers where the same card is just $44.98.

This Samsung EVO Select has a U3, class 10 rating, with transfer speeds of up to 130Mb per second. That's plenty for whichever device you use it, including digital cameras and recording 4K footage. In fact, it comes with a full sized SD card adapter so you can use it in devices that take standard sized SD cards like cameras.

Of course, when it comes to gaming, those speeds are also handy. It'll work perfectly with the Nintendo Switch and also to load games on your new Steam Deck. And with laptops with only SD or micro SD card expansion, you can save a tonne of games and media, where it will always be with you. With a capacity that matches the SSDs of many laptops, you'll avoid the hassle of filling this up very quickly. And if you're an Android user, this will easily work with the range of handsets that support storage expansion in this way.

You won't have to worry about the card quickly dying on you either. Samsung have made the card resistant to water, high temperatures, magents and also x-rays, so you won't get the disappointment of losing all of your files when you're on the road.

SD cards are usually on sale during Black Friday, and we've already compiled a guide of early offers available, should you want something smaller in size. And make sure you're following us at Jelly Deals over on Twitter. We're always posting deals on discounted items throughout the day.