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Get Cities: Skylines and loads of DLC for just £15 at Humble

Enough for more than just a weekend in the city.

Paradox Interactive's in-depth city-builder is the latest PC game to receive the Humble Bundle treatment, with a new collection that corrals the base game and over ten DLC packs for under £15.

As usual, it's a tiered affair. If you want, you can just get the game by itself for a quid, which seems like a bit of a bargain to me. As for the DLC packs, these range from mini-expansions with themed items to new in-game radio stations.

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Here's how all the tiers in the Cities: Skylines Humble Bundle breakdown:

Tier 1 - £1

  • Cities: Skylines
  • Cities: Skylines - Deep Focus Radio

Tier 2 - £6.20

  • Cities: Skylines - Concerts
  • Cities: Skylines - Content Creator Pack: High-Tech Buildings
  • Cities: Skylines - Snowfall
  • Cities: Skylines - Natural Disasters

Tier 3 - £14.50

  • Cities: Skylines - Mass Transit
  • Cities: Skylines - Green Cities
  • Cities: Skylines - Industries
  • Cities: Skylines - Campus
  • Cities: Skylines - Content Creator Pack: Art Deco
  • Cities: Skylines - Content Creator Pack: European Suburbia

Just to be clear, this isn't every piece of Cities: Skylines DLC you can buy. A quick glance at the game's Steam page shows that there are, in fact, almost 30 DLC packs. A lot of the major ones you'll find in this bundle, though it is missing the newly-released Sunset Harbour expansion. This introduces an entire fishing industry to the game, as well as new transit options and an Aviation Club for private planes or helicopters. Good to see the uber-rich are still being well accounted for - even in the digital world.

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Nevertheless, with up to 11 DLC on offer in the Cities: Skylines Humble Bundle, that should be enough to get your burgeoning metropolis up-and-running. It's available to pick up for the next two weeks.

On top of that, new subscribers can currently get 40 per cent off a Humble Choice Premium membership. This brings it down from £15.99 to just £8.99 a month. With Humble Choice Premium, you can choose nine games to add to your library each month that you'll own forever. For example, this month's selection includes XCOM 2 and Jurrasic World Evolution.

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