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Get an Xbox Series X with an additional controller for just £469 from BT

The deal returns.

Update: It seems BT are being generous again and offering the Xbox Series X with the controller for £469. This is a great saving on the higher-end Xbox console and if you're already going to buy an extra controller.

Original article: We've already seen some amazing deals for the Xbox Series S coming in under £190. Two years into a new console generation is quite early for any permanent price cuts to consoles, and with global supply constraints and inflation, Sony have taken the unusual step of increasing their console prices.

The Xbox Series X, on the other hand, is receiving a rare discount from the folks at BT. It's currently £10 off the retail price, available for £439. And if you're going to be playing multiplayer with a friend or family member, you can opt for the bundle with an additional controller that's available for £469.

The Xbox Series X is a huge upgrade for those still riding on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. Games are much more detailed, packed with features such as resolutions up to 4K, variable rate shading, speedier loading times and new experiences available only on the new console. This also includes the ability to play game at high frame rates.

But those new experiences aren't limited to just new games that will be exclusive to the new Xbox, but even functionality. For example, one feature available to the Xbox Series consoles is quick resume. This lets you pause the game entirely while switching to another game. Having a handful of games that you're going through at the same time saves you the hassle of loading them up, letting you jump straight into the gameplay.

Even though Black Friday is still a few days away, there are so many early deals around. Check out our early deals guide for all things Xbox, such as discounted games and accessories. And make sure you follow our Jelly Deals Twitter page. It's the place we share deals as soon as we find them, and regularly post throughout each day.