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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Get 25% off this Corsair K55 gaming keyboard on Amazon

A colourful discount.

Corsair has made a name for itself in the keyboard market for a reason. Coming with nice visuals, great build quality, and plenty of interesting selling points, they are regularly sat among the best keyboards of the year. Being an important way to control your games, you may want to invest in a good one. Luckily, Corsair have you covered.

Over on Amazon, you can catch the Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard for 25 per cent cheaper than you normally would. These extra savings can go towards your next SSD or gaming headset. Coming in at a very attractive price point, the K55 is capable of lighting up a room and carrying you through those long gaming sessions. You can also turn off those lights if you prefer your room to be a little more casual.

This keyboard is more than just the pretty lights. It has six programmable Macro keys, letting you create your own custom controls or combos, has dedicated media controls to pause and mute your videos, and it has a detachable wrist rest - giving you a comfy place to hold your hands.

With incredibly quick controls and a sturdy frame, this keyboard is a solid choice for any setup. It also has multi-key functions, meaning you can multiple keys at the same and get an accurate response back. This allows a much quicker typing speed, once you get used to it.

Though it is more than just the lights, they also have a great design, with plenty of preconfigured lighting modes and dynamic backlighting. If you want an aesthetic look to suit your setup and need to do a little customising, the Corsair K55 can do it.

Those in the US can grab a similar deal on the Corsair K55 RGB Pro- now $49.99, which is down $10 from it's usual $59.99 price tag on Amazon's US storefront.

Now that you know about this keyboard, you may want some nice games to play along with it. Luckily, you can pick up Payday 2 and all 63 DLCs for under £20. If you're looking for even more deals, chuck us a follow on our Twitter account @jelly_deals.