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Get 10% off a bunch of tech at AO this week

Ends 4th May.

As of today, you'll be able to save an extra 10 per cent off a whole batch of products from AO's official eBay outlet, with the use of a limited time voucher. This works on everything from 4K TVs to PlayStation 4 consoles to home appliances of all kinds. There's a minimum £40 spend to get your 10 per cent off but once you're past that, feel free to fill your boots.

Most of these products have free delivery as standard, too, if that helps sway your decision. It's also worth noting that past eBay vouchers have been one-time use, meaning that you won't be able to use it again once a purchase has gone through. That said, nothing is stopping you from loading up your basket with a bunch of stuff and using the 10 per cent off voucher on the lot. That should still work.

If you'd like some inspiration for things you can use your voucher on, here are some of the highlights:

As previously mentioned, on top of all the gaming and tech stuff, you can also find a range of home appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, microwaves and more. All can be found through the AO eBay outlet store.

You have until the end of Friday, 4th May to use the voucher on something in the store, so you've got a couple of days to have a look through the range before you treat yourself.

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