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Frozenbyte apologises for EU PSN Trine 2 delay

"Some small issues came up we couldn't help."

UPDATE: Frozenbyte's Mikael Haveri has published a YouTube video apologising for the delay to Trine 2 on PS3 in Europe.

The game "most likely" won't launch before Christmas, he said. Indeed, Frozenbyte is unable to say when it will be out.

"This is not something we can help right now," he said. "So we just hope for your patience and let's see what happens. There are always small issues that come up, and this delay is one of those. I hope fans appreciate it and get the game as soon as they can.

"There is literally no release date of any kind we can give you right now."

ORIGINAL STORY: Frozenbyte has apologised to European PlayStation 3 owners for a delay to Trine 2.

The PlayStation Network version of the game launched yesterday as planned in the US, but will not launch today as part of the European PS Store update. The European version "will take a bit longer," Frozenbyte said on Twitter.

"We are very sorry for the delay."

Then, in a later tweet: "Apologies again for the PSN delay. We submitted both version on the same day and some small issues came up that we couldn't help."

These "small issues" may relate to the game failing the certification process with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, which operates independently from other SCE regions. A game can pass cert in SCEA and fail in SCEE, for example.