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Friends list for MotorStorm

Chums update available now.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony has confirmed to Eurogamer that dirty racer MotorStorm has been given a new in-game friends list to help you keep track of your muddy buddies.

The patch went live last night, and once downloaded lets you see which of your pals are around and what they're up to. And, rather obviously, you'll be able to invite them over for a spot of off-road mayhem.

However, if you're not on someone's buddy list you won't be able to join their game, stopping unwanted visitors ruining your fun. Apparently it's just Italians playing at the moment - as you might imagine, what with breaking the retail street date of PS3 and all that.

MotorStorm will be available on Friday at the PlayStation 3 launch, and is one of the best games in the line-up.

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