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Foxy action-adventure Tunic is heading to Game Pass today

Or purchase it on Xbox, PC, and Mac.

It's been a long time coming but developer Andrew Shouldice's fox-themed action-adventure Tunic finally arrives on Xbox, Mac, and PC today, 16th March - and publisher Finji has now confirmed it'll be a launch day addition to Xbox Games Pass too.

Originally known as Secret Legend before getting a name change to Tunic at E3 2017, the Zelda-inspired isometric adventure was initially expected to arrive in 2018. Cleary, it did not meet that target, but its long-awaited launch is now upon us, and available to purchase digitally on your platform of choice for £24.99/€29.99/$29.99 USD.

Here's Ian's own review of Tunic for our video team.

Alternatively, Xbox Game Pass members will have the option to play it on both Xbox and PC as part of their subscription. A PlayStation version of Tunic, incidentally, is yet to be confirmed, so players looking for a foxy little adventure on their Sonyboxes will likely need a bit of patience while they await some good news.

Alongside Tunic's game release, Finji is also making its full, 60-song soundtrack - written by composer Lifeformed, who previously scored Dust - available to purchase from today. If your ears are eager, you can pick it up for $13 USD on Bandcamp.

Eurogamer's Tom Phillips, who is very excited about Tunic's arrival, chatted to developer Andrew Shouldice last summer, so if you're curious to know a little more about the project's journey to release, you might also consider having a read.

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