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Isometric fox adventure Secret Legend is now Tunic

Coming to PC, Mac and consoles next year.

Zelda-style adventure Secret Legend has been given a re-reveal as Tunic, and is coming to PC, Mac and "consoles" in 2018.

Unveiled at E3 2017's PC Gaming Show, it has you "explore the wilderness, discover spooky ruins, and fight terrible creatures from long ago" as a "tiny fox in a big world", according to its blurb.

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The new trailer for the low-poly adventure sees you slash away at enemies in an isometric world, and appears to be more punishing than the cute visual style suggests, ending with a fast-paced confrontation against a towering ancient guardian of sorts.

You can take a closer look on the game's Steam page.

Tunic is developed by solo developer Andrew Shouldice in collaboration with Finji, who helped bring Night in the Woods to release earlier in the year, and Feist in 2015.

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