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Fortnite V-Bucks UK price rise blamed on inflation

As Battle Bus Transformers skin rolls out.

Fortnite skin pack.
Image credit: Epic Games

Fortnite is rising the price of its in-game V-Bucks currency in the UK, Canada and Mexico.

In a blog post on the changes, developer Epic Games blamed "economic factors like inflation and currency fluctuations". It last adjusted prices in other markets back in 2021.

1000 V-Bucks, which will buy you the game's seasonal battle pass, will now cost £6.99, up 50p from £6.49.

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Larger V-Bucks packs will also rise in price. 2800 V-Bucks will cost £17.49, up from £15.99, while the top-tier 13,500 bundle will cost £69.99, up from £63.99.

Epic Games is also raising the price of in-game currency in Fall Guys, by similar amounts.

The changes come against a backdrop of rising prices more generally in the UK, as it continues to face a cost of living crisis.

Epic announced the changes yesterday right before announcing Fortnite's latest skin pack: a trio of Transformers characters, including an original skin based around a transformation of Fortnite's own battle bus.

The Transformers pack also features Bumblebee and Megatron, and will launch in October priced at $25.

Fortnite Transformers.
Fortnite's $25 Transformers skin pack.

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